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A Complete Guide to Building a Fire in Cold Winter Weather

Posted by Anton Mironov on December 01, 2022  

Winter outdoor activities can be thrilling. From hiking and hunting to winter camping trips, there’s plenty of adventure for those willing to brave the freezing temperatures. However, activities in cold weather do require a different kind of preparation, special equipment, and wilderness survival know-how. You don't want to get caught...

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How to Keep Warm While Camping

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on October 19, 2022  

Camping is a gratifying way to enjoy the great outdoors. In all weather, it’s also a popular activity for de-stressing, so people love camping in both the summer and winter seasons. When you're camping during summer, staying warm isn’t a problem. But winter camping can be more challenging because temperatures...

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Hypothermia Survival 101

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on October 19, 2022  

Being out in the cold can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. In average temperatures, natural body heat keeps you warm. But you could start losing heat quickly during very cold weather. If the body cannot stay warm and remains out in the extreme cold for too long, you could experience...

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How to Make a Leather Knife Sheath

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on October 19, 2022  

If you own a good-quality knife, you want to preserve the blade for as long as possible. A sheath is an essential accessory for keeping your knife sharp. It's there to protect the blade whenever you’re not using it. Usually, a knife sheath hangs on a belt from the sheath's...

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Cold Weather Camping 101 (+Everything You Need To Know)

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on December 27, 2021   •   cold weather, survival

For those who truly enjoy the outdoors, camping isn't just a warm-weather hobby. With proper preparation, it can be easy, and even thrilling, to camp safely in winter weather.  But with cold weather camping comes significant risks, such as running out of resources, like food, fire sources, and water, or...

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What Are The Survival Uses for Wool Blankets

Posted by Michael Sullivan on December 03, 2021   •   survival, wool, wool blanket

As a survivalist, you know that you have to be prepared for just about anything. Being properly equipped is key to surviving the unexpected, and it’s often the most basic of items that turn out to be the most useful.  Wool blankets are essential pieces of equipment you can put...

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Benefits of Wool Blankets

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on December 02, 2021   •   survival, wool blanket

Textile manufacturers often use harsh chemicals to treat fabrics. These toxic chemicals include formaldehyde, softeners, and synthetic chemicals. Companies use these chemicals to make their fabrics antimicrobial, stain resistant, sweat resistant, flame retardant, and anti-wrinkling. But, this can expose you to carcinogens. On the other hand, when you buy and...

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Different Ways You Can Use a Toggle Around Camp

Posted by Larry Catt on October 18, 2021   •   bushcraft camp, Cookware, cordage, survival

When it comes to roughing it, the old saying goes: “Never judge a book by its cover.” And this couldn’t ring more true. The same motto applies to self-made tools out in the field. In other words, don't underestimate how useful some paracord and a wooden stick can be for...

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Everything You May Need To Know About Tick Bites

Posted by Michael Sullivan on August 10, 2021   •   survival, survival training, ticks, tips

Over the past couple of years, tick-related diseases have been steadily increasing. Although exact reasons are not known, scientists theorize it’s because many species of ticks are migrating. An unfortunate example is the lone star tick expanding its territory from the southeastern United States to the northern and midwestern states....

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What To Do If You Touch Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 10, 2021   •   bushcraft, survival, survival training

So you've come in contact with poison ivy? You can't think straight and go about your day normally because all you can think about is scratching the itch caused by the poison ivy. When you touch poison ivy, its effects can ruin your daily routine and way of life for...

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Basic Survival Knots You Need To Know

Posted by Michael Sullivan on July 21, 2021   •   knots, survival, survival training

Basic Survival Knots You Need To Know Knowing how to tie a knot with cordage properly is something many people don’t think twice about—but in actuality, this skill can be what saves your life in survival situations.  You can never predict what your time will be like when you’re out...

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How to Sharpen an Axe

Posted by Larry Catt on July 12, 2021   •   axe, bushcraft

How to Sharpen an Axe "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."  President Abraham Lincoln said it best: The most crucial part about wielding an axe is ensuring its blade is sharp enough. This means that proper TLC...

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How To Create A Simple DIY Campfire Cooking Suspension System

Posted by Larry Catt on May 12, 2021   •   bushcraft, bushcraft camp

Pull out your phone, pull up a browser, and look for “restaurants near me.” That’s how simple it is these days to find food options. However, when you’re out in the wild, in a survival situation, or even if you’re camping, all you have to rely on are your skills...

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How to Split Wood Without an Axe

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on May 04, 2021   •   axe, bushcraft, bushcraft camp

Picture this: It’s a cool, sunny weekend out in the woods, and you’ve just come back to your camp after hiking and exploring the area for the day. The temperature’s beginning to drop and the sun’s going down, which means it’s time to start building your campfire. Unfortunately, any kindling...

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The Versatility of Dry Bags

Posted by Michael Sullivan on March 23, 2021   •   dry bags

Any outdoor enthusiast knows that one of the most important things when going into the wilderness is to always be prepared.  Being prepared means having the right gear, which can help make a difference in matters of life or death in some situations. And yet, at the same time, it’s...

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