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Survival Blog — Deadfall Trap

Understanding the Deadfall Trap and Passive Survival Food Sourcing

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 08, 2019   •   Deadfall Trap, fish traps, Primitive trapping, snares

The Survival Food Fantasy Squatting behind a large fallen oak, you stand at the ready with your hand-carved bow and cedar arrows. You are a marble statue and the woods hardly notice you. Neither does the giant whitetail deer. You pull back your bow and prepare to fire on what...

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How to find food in the winter.

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on January 02, 2019   •   Deadfall Trap, Foraging, Survival Food

One of the most difficult aspects of surviving in the wild during winter is sourcing food, but it can be done. In this post, we will cover how to source food as a survivalist in the winter; from foraging to making a deadfall trap.

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