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Pathfinder Dealers

Pathfinder Wholesale Program

Dealers will be required to have an initial purchase of $500 and future orders (all dealers) have a $250 minimum (dealer cost).

All order are made by phone or email. 

It's a simple process to become a Wholesale Dealer of Self Reliance Outfitter™ products. You must be a licensed business with a Federal Tax ID# or State Merchant Business License. Please fill out the application below. Once we have received the application we will set up your account and contact you about your first order.

Wholesalers receive discounts on select merchandise, no other retail discounts or specials apply. Once your application is returned, we will send you a wholesale price list with the products available for dealer purchase.

We do not accept Amazon, Etsy or Ebay or other similar online stores. You must have a verifiable online or brick & mortar store. If you will be reselling our product(s) on ecommerce, your webstore must been active for at least one year.

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