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Outdoor Stoves Worthy of a Master Camp Chef

Some of the best meals are had after a long hike or a long day of roughing through the woods and setting up camp.

To ensure you and your fellow campers can prepare delicious food even out in the wilderness, Self Reliance Outfitters supplies its customers with some of the highest-quality outdoor burner stoves.

Our outdoor burner stoves are field-tested to ensure you and your friends enjoy easy and enjoyable outdoor cooking nearly anywhere. Our stove and burner kits are also designed to be used for nearly any outdoor excursion.

Whether hiking up a mountain trail or camping out in the deep backwoods, you can count on outdoor stoves from Self Reliance Outfitters to help cook a warm, flavorful meal.

Why Should You Use an Outdoor Stove?

Every experienced camp chef knows how difficult it is to cook even the simplest meal while outdoors. On top of that are the challenges that accompany camping — carrying supplies to an ideal setup area and ensuring they are safely packed away and not vulnerable to the elements.

Our outdoor burner stove kits are great because they are built with these challenges in mind. Here are some reasons why you should have one of your own for that upcoming camping trip:

Our Outdoor Burner Stove Kits Are Compact & Highly Portable

A portable cooking stove is usually bulky and fairly heavy to carry through the woods. However, we stock outdoor stoves designed to save you as much space as possible while remaining incredibly light-weight. Our burners can also fit large pots and pans, allowing you to cook full-course meals.

They Are Ready to Use With Wood, Alcohol, Butane, or Propane Tank For Fuel

Another big issue when it comes to cooking outdoors is how difficult it can be to create and maintain a flame and provide an even enough heat distribution to cook or sear a meal properly.

However, Self Reliance Outfitters has a model for every fuel preference you may have — whether it's wood, alcohol, butane, or a propane tank that fuels your flame, we've got you covered.

Our brand of outdoor propane stove kits, along with our other stoves designed for camping, will help you properly cook any number of full meals for you and your fellow campers.

We also have a number of outdoor burner stove kits designed to optimize wood flames, ensuring you always have the cooking fire you need.

Use Them For High Heat Cooking No Matter Where You Are

When cooking outdoors, you want to be able to make well-cooked meals and hot brewed beverages at any temperature.

Our outdoor burner stove kits allow you to adjust your cooking heat low or high, allowing you to fry up your eggs and bacon in the morning, keep a pot of coffee at a warm simmer, and then turn up the heat to sear a nice steak with grilled vegetables for dinner.

What better reason to try testing out our excellent outdoor burner stove kits than to ensure you and your buddies enjoy good food in the great outdoors?

With a wood or outdoor propane stove from Self Reliance Outfitters, you'll have excellent cooking equipment that fits easily into your pack without adding too much weight. Browse our options for your new favorite stove and buy today.

Find Outdoor Cooking Tools Fit For Any Camp Chef

In addition to our selection of wood stoves and gas burners, we also have a broad range of camping cookware to choose from.

All items in our line of outdoor cookware are designed to lighten your pack load while providing the maximum amount of features that will make it seem like you're carrying around a fine gourmet kitchen.

Our camping pots, pans, and utensils are made of either heavy-duty stainless steel or titanium, made to last and endure even the harshest outdoor elements. Shop our collection of outdoor cooking tools today and become a fully prepared camp chef.

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Pathfinder Alcohol Stove NEW & Improved / Lower price! The REDESIGNED Pathfinder Alcohol Stove is now the perfect height to provide ideal clearance (air space) when used with various Pathfinder...
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There are many alcohol stove stands on the market, but they only serve a single function. We have designed not only a stand, but also a set of multi-use tools that can be used for various tasks wh...
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Upgrade your camp cooking game with the Pathfinder Alcohol Stove & Stove Stand COMBO. The alcohol stove provides ideal clearance when used with other Pathfinder stoves and cook sets, making it ...
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Stainless Steel Pot & Pan Stove Stand Provides versatility to the camp chef. This stove can be used as a stable above coal pot stand, stand alone bio stove, stand alone grill top or in tandem w...
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Windscreen XL Experience easy outdoor cooking with our Windscreen XL! Significantly reduce wind interference and maintain a strong and consistent flame with this powerful tool. No more struggling ...
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The Pathfinder Pack Stove is here to make your outdoor cooking dreams come true! Its small and efficient design allows for an easy packing experience, and you can enjoy a hot meal or a fresh cup of...
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8 oz. Natural Oval Bottle Specs: HDPE bottle with plain cap Lightweight & impact resistant  Dimensions: 3.16" L x 1.49" W x 5.94" Hgt. Meets FDA standards.