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Haversack Bag


The experienced bushcrafter knows never to underestimate a simple haversack. It’s a modern outdoorsman essential due to its comfort and versatility: Use it to carry supplies, tools, or even small game for miles without being weighed down.

Self Reliance Outfitters Pathfinder haversack bags are made from ultra-durable, rip-stop waxed canvas or oil skin, giving outdoor enthusiasts the confidence that gear will remain protected from the elements. These materials naturally repel water, so supplies stay completely dry throughout your excursion.

The best part? Self Reliance Outfitters has canvas and leather bags in various sizes, so you can choose the style, material, and capacity that works for your outdoor living and venture preferences. Check out our available products today.

What Is a Haversack Bag?

At first glance, haversack bags might look like nothing fancy. In fact, many compare it to such a simple bag or backpack without a front pocket.

But there’s a critical feature that isn’t common in those other bags: The single-shoulder strap makes them incredibly useful for bushcrafting. The idea behind carrying a haversack is to store your supplies and access them quickly without stopping and rustling through pockets or zippers.

Waxed Canvas Haversack

Waxed Canvas Haversack

This is why our most modern bag, the Waxed Canvas Haversack, is so popular: Its flat zipper-free pocket makes it easy to access, store, and use.

Canvas Shoulder Bag

Canvas Shoulder Bag

But if you prefer extra compartments for more basic equipment, look at our sturdy cotton Canvas Shoulder Bag.

This one-of-a-kind haversack has haversack bag roots but also boasts a messenger-style look with classic British fastening for two hook-and-loop pockets in the front.

Why Is It Called a Haversack?

The term “haversack” comes from a 17th-century German word for a cavalry trooper’s bag: hafersach, in which German troops held their horses’ oats. Because the bags had one strap, the troops comfortably carried them as they rode on horseback.

A century later, the French started using the word haversack to define the bags soldiers used to carry rations. But many haversack bags were made of linen, which soldiers quickly realized was not workable on long expeditions in various weather.

Things You Can Carry in a Bushcraft Haversack

Our Pathfinder oil skin and waxed canvas haversack bags are crafted with natural, waterproof materials, so you won’t have to worry about water damaging your food supplies or metal tools. So whether you need to gather some sticks or carry small game back to camp, the haversack is easy to clean and remains durable against the elements.

Use your haversack to bring the 5 C’s of Survivability on your wilderness trips:

  • Cutting tools: A survival knife, ax, or pocket knife

  • Combustion devices: Ferro rods and all-weather mini inferno pads

  • Cover: Poncho or a folded-up survival blanket or tarp

  • Containers: Stainless steel water bottle

  • Cordage: Ropes and cords for trapping and building a shelter

Don’t let Mother Nature ruin your outdoor excursion: Bring a reliable haversack with the survival tools you need, and enjoy your next journey!

Get Your Bushcraft Haversack Bag from Self Reliance Outfitters

If you’re searching for an everyday bag that offers the quality and resilience of history’s toughest excursions, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Self Reliance Outfitters. Our bushcraft line includes everything from a light leather bag, like our Leather Belt Pouch Haversack, to a traditional-style, waxed, or oil haversack that you can use for hunting, fishing, trekking, and much more. Find your perfect bag today.

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