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You never know what might happen when you’re out in the wild. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared with a Self Reliance Outfitters survival kit. Our kits are carefully curated to include only the essentials, so you can travel light and be prepared for anything.

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What is a Survival Kit?

Unlike an at-home emergency kit (which includes items like identification documentation, a stock of non-perishable foods, or a collection of prescription medications), survival kits are tailored toward outdoor use.

When you’re in the wild, you are at the mercy of the elements around you. Nature can be unpredictable, and although the elements can be a part of the thrill, they can also create dangerous situations for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Fortunately, high-quality emergency survival kits can allow you to survive off the land — by choice or necessity — without weighing you down as you trek through the wild. 

What To Expect From Self Reliance Survival Kits

Though you can put together a personalized survival kit for your outdoor adventures, we offer packages at Self Reliance Outfitters that will tick off all your survivalist needs. 

Coming from Dave Canterbury’s experience while out on the field, the team behind Self Reliance Outfitters produces high-quality products, like our survival kits, that adhere to the 5 C’s of Survival: Cutting, cover, cordage, combustion, and containers.

Each kit features:

  • High-quality materials, like stainless steel, rust-resistant layers, and durable fabrics
  • Compact designs perfect for lightweight packing for basic necessities like personal hygiene items and first aid kits
  • Easy-to-use equipment and quick setup

At Self Reliance Outfitters, we pride ourselves on stocking top-rated products with some of the best survival kits on the market.

Cooking Kits

Choose from three different cooking kits, ranging in size and offering various equipment to match your cooking needs.

For example, the Campfire Survival Cooking Kit from Self Reliance Outfitters includes all the essentials for cooking over a campfire: A cup lid, bottle hanger, shoulder bag, Ferro rod, six mini inferno discs, and a utensil set.

Perfect for camping or survival situations, any of these kits will ensure you always have the means to cook a hot meal in the great outdoors.

Water Filtration Bags

Never get caught without clean drinking water by carrying a compact water filtration bag.

Ideal for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness, this essential piece of equipment is perfect for clearing water that is full of silt, sand, bugs, dirt, large particles, etc.

This bag is made of heavy cotton canvas, this bag efficiently filters naturally-sourced water, giving you much cleaner water to then run through a filter or boil.

Emergency Shelter Kit

When in the wild, you never know when nature might strike. Stay prepared with an emergency shelter kit that is easy to use and set up — allowing you to hunker down for a night or two while you work out of the wilderness. 

Our emergency shelter kit provides shelter from rain, snow, or moderate winds/rain, giving you a dry place to sleep and temporary shelter while you figure out your next step. with a lightweight, all-weather blanket, 550 Paracord, six ABS tent stakes with a carrying bag, and 100ft of #36 bank line.

First Aid Kit

Self Reliance Outfitters also has a handy first aid kit to complete your survival setup, keep you safe from infections, and treat injuries quickly and efficiently.

This kit includes essential items like bandages, tourniquets, scissors, dressings, splints, pens, and gloves, all packed neatly into a convenient MOLLE bag.

Why You Might Need a Survival Kit

One never knows when they might find themselves in a survival situation, and having a well-stocked survival kit can mean the difference between life and death.

A good survival kit contains essential items such as first aid supplies, water filtration options (such as filters for dissinfecting and containers for boiling), a knife or multi-tool, fire-starting materials, and shelter. In the face of a crisis, having these items at hand can significantly increase one’s chances of survival.

Investing in a high-quality survival kit is essential in being prepared for any emergency situation, and here’s why.

Reason #1: Bushcraft

Bushcraft is the art of becoming one with nature and learning to survive off the land. Though thrilling, disconnecting from civilization increases the risk of danger without access to emergency services. 

Fortunately, with an emergency shelter kit or a small cooking kit, you can stay safe while roughing it. You can put the natural resources around you to good use with the help of an emergency survival kit.

Reason #2: Camping

Whether camping in a controlled location or roughing it in a remote area, having the proper tools and equipment can make or break your excursion. 

Though some opt for a portable stove and bulky tents, you can skip the extra weight with a compact cooking set — like the bottle, survival, or woodland kits.

The best part? You can use a filtration bag for clean drinking water without weighing down your pack with a hefty cantine.

Reason #3: Backpacking

Every bit of weight counts when forced to lug your equipment from Point A to Point B.

That's why Self Reliance Outfitters prioritizes compact design with maximum results. Each kit sticks to the essentials, using high-quality materials for durability and ensuring each item has multiple purposes.

That way, you can keep your pack light without compromising on equipment — allowing you to enjoy your time trekking through the wild.

Reason #4: Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can leave you in disarray if you’re not prepared.

And even if you have the basic necessities, the odds are you won’t have everything you need to survive an unforeseen disaster like a hurricane or tornado.

While a bottle cooking kit, emergency blanket, or shelter may not save you from every danger that comes your way, you need access to essential survival tools and resources during dangerous conditions and even displacement.

Get the Best Survival Kit On the Market Today

To keep yourself safe and avoid coming into contact with a stressful search and rescue situation, invest in quality emergency supplies that can help you mitigate the dangers of the great outdoors. 

At Self Reliance Outfitters, we understand the importance of being prepared.

That’s why we offer high-quality survival kits with all the necessary items for any emergency. With our team of experts available to assist you in selecting the perfect kit for your needs, you can trust that you’ll be ready for anything.

Don’t wait until it’s too late: Equip yourself with a survival kit from Self Reliance Outfitters today. Buy yours now and rest easy knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected.

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