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Mora Knives

Whether you’re an avid hunter, craftsman, or simply someone looking for a durable blade, Morakniv is the knife-making brand you need in your pack.

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Behind Moraknives

The Morakniv brand began in the small town of Ostrenik in Mora, Sweden, where loggers and factory workers began making knives. For the next 400 years, the city of Mora produced high-quality blades, eventually taking over the world with their universal products. 

Transforming the Morakniv Brand

Though initially manufactured in Sweden for fieldworkers and artisans, Morakniv has transformed over the years and today creates blades for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

When you wield a bushcraft knife from this exceptional brand, you’ll recognize the deep thought and consideration that went into making a comfortable, durable, and versatile blade. 

But the creators of Morakniv didn’t just stumble upon the best all-purpose knives for adventuring: They hand-crafted a carefully considered knife to fit the palm of the hand and the desire to wield a sharp, swift edge.

Why You Might Need a Mora Knife Out on the Field

Here at Self Reliance Outfitters, our vast Morakniv collection features products designed for outdoor adventurers. Though the options are endless when using your Mora knife, these blades put other nature-tailored knives to rest. 

Reason #1: Hunting and Fishing

Hunters and fishermen lean toward Morakniv bushcraft knives for excursions, knowing each product is carefully crafted to withstand the most challenging game. Whether skinning an elk, slicing a fish, or cutting a trap chord, these knives can handle any hunting job.

Morakniv products are durable and easy to sharpen, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking while you’re fist-deep in your next meal or in the middle of building your shelter. 

Reason #2: Wood Carving

Whether you opt for a classic Mora knife or a woodworking-specific tool, these knives are perfect for slicing and notching your wooden creations. 

Traditional Morakniv knives were crafted with woodworkers in mind, allowing you to work your way through even the sturdiest lumber. At Self Reliance Outfitters, we offer various products to fit your woodworking needs, from full-tang options to more basic models. 

Reason #3: Everyday Belt Knife

Though a heavy-duty Mora knife may not be necessary for everyday use, Morakniv’s classic or companion models make the perfect all-around blade. Whether you’re slicing fruit on the go or opening boxes at home, your Mora knife will pass any test you throw its way.

Plus, our more robust, carbon-steel option can serve your day-to-day needs, helping you swiftly cut wires, shave tree bark, or slice through just about anything

Reason #4: Fire Starting

Picture this: You’re in the great outdoors, setting up camp for the night, when you realize you forgot to pack a lighter.

Fortunately, you never leave home without your handy Mora knife, which doubles as a fire starter. Now, you can quickly strike a spark, allowing you to enjoy a warm evening by the flames. 

Reason #5: Bushcraft

Bushcraft is about becoming one with the world around you and learning to survive in the wild without modern-day comforts.

That’s why the art of bushcraft takes time and practice to conquer – and heavy-duty knives, like the Morakniv Garberg, can help you cut your way through as you delve deeper into nature. 

Reason #6: Camping

You never know when you may need a high-quality, flexible knife while camping in the wild. Though you can prepare for your campout by bringing along helpful essentials, nature is unpredictable. So whether you use your knife to food prep a campfire dinner or spark a flame for warmth, you’ll be glad you packed a high-quality, dependable knife. 

Reason #7: Tactical

When it comes to tactical work (like in military or police professions), many look toward Morakniv for reliable weaponry. The Morakniv’s sturdy material and grip-ability make it an easy-to-handle, great all-around knife to carry. 

Reason #8: Construction Tool 

For those in construction, there’s no better knife than a Morakniv for almost anything you might need while on the job. Our Basic 511 model is a great contender: It’s built to last and can cut through various materials easily. Whether trimming drywall, shredding packaging, or ripping through fiberglass insulation, your knife will quickly work it all.

A Variety of Top Morakniv Products at Self Reliance Outfitters

Morakniv has been a mainstay in the bushcrafting community for many years, and for a good reason: Their knives are high quality and durable, making them perfect for any and all outdoor activities.

If you’re looking to buy a Morakniv knife or other product, Self Reliance Outfitters is the place to go.

Check out our selection today and find the perfect Morakniv for your next venture.


First up on the list is the Morakniv Garberg, a stainless, carbon steel knife equipped with a full tang for maximum strength. This heavy-duty tool features a DLC coating, creating a scratch-resistant surface through a titanium oxide layer.

The coating protects the carbon stainless steel from corrosion, making for hassle-free maintenance and less-frequent sharpening sessions. On top of a hefty DLC layer, the Mora Garberg features a Scandi grind, making it easy to sharpen and spark fires. 


The Mora Bushcraft is a carbon steel blade with a black coating that protects against rust and unwanted reflections.

The handle is comfortable and ergonomic, allowing each swipe, slice, and slash to feel light and smooth. 


If you’re looking for a flexible, versatile knife, look no further than the Morakniv Kansbol. This model showcases the long history of Swedish outdoor traditions, making it an excellent blade for all things nature-based.

Lightweight and durable, this robust knife is exceptionally reliable and functional for outdoor enthusiasts and pocket-knife users. 


The basic Morakniv model is a classic knife built for the everyday person. This blade features an impact-resistant handle that fits well in hand and is made of Swedish stainless steel.

The Basic 511 model also has a finger guard to protect your hands from the sharp blade. When using this all-purpose knife, wipe down and clean your tool frequently because residue and moisture can damage the steel.


The Companion model is the way to go when it comes to heavy utility work or bushcraft. This compact, stainless steel blade is the ultimate all-around knife, universally loved by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

As its name suggests, the Companion knife is the perfect partner for your wilderness adventures. With its soft-friction grip, robust metal, perfect blade length, and protectant finger guard, you’ll be ready to take on anything nature offers.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Survival

What started in a small town in Sweden has led to a century-old knife-making brand that’s loved worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose knife for day-to-day use, a blade for bushcraft, or a solid hunting tool, Morakniv can meet your needs.

At Self Reliance Outfitters, you can get a long-lasting blade (or two) for your survival kit and experience what sets Morakniv far ahead of other brands.

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