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Did you know that a lot of “smart” and “tactical” devices and aids that we use in our day-to-day lives were once classified for military use? GPS, internet, jeeps, and even the tactical backpack are all items passed down to civilians after declassification.  

Tactical backpacks, especially MOLLE bags, have gained vast popularity because they cover a broad spectrum of outdoor and everyday uses. MOLLE pouches are an effective means to carry equipment and customize your gear for your activity. 

At Self Reliance Outfitters, we bring you a quality collection of the best MOLLE bag varieties suitable for outdoor pursuits. We focus on what MOLLE bags are known for — strength, durability, modularity, and quality material — to deliver tactical bags for the self-reliant outfitter in you.

What is a MOLLE Bag?

MOLLE is an abbreviation for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Pronounced as “molly,” MOLLE systems are crucial for attaching tools like knives, magazine pouches, holsters, first aid kits, and other gear to tactical backpacks and load-bearing vests during military or outdoor activities.

The MOLLE system succeeds older ones like ALICE — which are still used in some military equipment. MOLLE was predominantly used by American and British militaries, along with NATO forces in various countries. Today, however, it has uses beyond military gearing. 

Modern Uses of MOLLE Bags

Thanks to their adaptability and customizability, MOLLE systems have made their way into civilian life. MOLLE is a standardized system that denotes different brands' compatibility with equipment and gear. This includes tactical accessories like flashlights, knives, magazines, holsters, and canteen carries you’ll need to set out on an outdoor expedition.

Molle Bags
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You may also use MOLLE bags to pack snacks, photography gear, mag pouches, and emergency first-aid kits for adventurous expeditions. MOLLE pouches are flexible enough to keep other general-purpose items and packs in different sizes.

Some Tips for Using MOLLE Pouches and Bags

Place each MOLLE component through the attachment strap of the desired webbing — once you have decided where to attach it. 

Weave the attachment straps back through the MOLLE webbing after threading them through. Pull them to ensure secure fastenings. Weave both straps through the nylon webbing at once — if your attachment has numerous straps — to make the operation quicker and easier.

Weave your sticks through each row to keep the gear as secure as possible.

 Is a MOLLE Bag Right for You?

While MOLLE Bags may seem complicated to configure at first, you will find that they come with many benefits. They are extremely efficient and versatile.

Ultimately, investing in a MOLLE bag is for you if:

#1: You Are Looking for Customizable Tactical Pouches

The MOLLE bag was always made primarily for tactical purposes. That also implies that most MOLLE-compatible tools, accessories, and pouches are designed primarily for tactical use. 

MOLLE pouches enable quick, organized, customizable, and efficient storage of necessary equipment. So, a MOLLE bag is the most appropriate if you are looking for a tactical bag that offers enough room for customization.

#2: You Want a Hunting Backpack

A MOLLE pouch can be extremely helpful when hunting. You can easily carry extra ammunition and game-dressing instruments in dedicated pouches so that they don’t come into contact with other items, such as food and water. 

At the same time, you can organize different equipment and tools, so they are instantly accessible during a hunt.

#3: You Want an All-In-One Bag with Organized Storage

The MOLLE backpack has more compartments for storing items than a regular one, so you do not have to worry about keeping things organized. Choose a MOLLE bag —  from various models with different compartment types — based on your specific requirements and depending on what your intended use of the MOLLE bag.

#4: You Are Going Camping or Hiking Outdoors

MOLLE gear can double up as hiking backpacks, saving much-needed room for necessary equipment, snacks, water, and camping accessories. They are waterproof, making them perfect for carrying accessories on outdoor trips.

MOLLE gear features a layered, thicker fabric to ensure everything in your bag will stay dry no matter the weather. They are durable and will last far longer than a typical backpack — even after rough outdoor use.

Buy the Best Quality MOLLE Gear Collection at Self Reliance Outfitters

Tactical gear has quickly become an outfitter’s favorite — it is versatile, durable, strong, imaginative, and can serve multiple functions. You can rely on a MOLLE bag for even the most demanding expeditions. And yet, these bags are simple to use and configure.

At Self Reliance Outfitters, we offer a large selection of the best quality MOLLE bags and pouches for your outdoor adventures. Find your perfect bag today!

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