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Mule Tape

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The sky is the limit with this 100' bundle of mule tape. A great addition to the kit for the adventure seeker and outdoor enthusiast. 100' mule tape 5/8" wide 1800lb Tensile Strength

Although a simple tool, the effectiveness of mule tape has been underrated with how it can be used while out on the field.

Mule tape is the ideal companion for your next outdoor venture or camping trip because, with its superior strength and durability, this high-quality rope can secure tents, tie up gear or food, or even be used to rappel.

Add mule tape to your pack and make every outdoor venture seamless with a reliable tool that will last. Shop the Self Reliance Outfitters collection today.

The Toughest, Most Reliable Tape on the Market

Mule tape is traditionally used by electricians and at-home DIYers for routing wires through an electrical conduit or for duct cutting. Because of its tensile strength, mule tape has skyrocketed in popularity within the bushcraft community.

Mule tape is strong enough to replace rope, and many outdoorsmen even argue that it has some advantages over rope: The construction is pre-lubricated and protected from excessive heat and friction, which prevents breaks and makes it the most robust, most flexible rope for any cordage job.

Self Reliance Outfitters aims to provide the most durable, high-quality, and dependable gear outdoors people can bring out onto the field. This is because our goal is to adhere to the 5 Cs of Survivability:

  • Cutting tool

  • Combustion device

  • Cover

  • Container

  • Cordage

Our mule tape is polyester and can hold up to 1,800 pounds — so you know that you can trust mule tape to replace your cordage for any excursion or project.

#1: Pitching Tents and Hammocks

Whether building an A-frame tarp shelter or hanging up a hammock to enjoy the night sky, mule tape is an excellent option for utmost security. Tie the mule tape tighter around the eyelets for less mobility and extra stability.

#2: Securing Food

Depending on the grounds’ requirements, you can secure your food and belongings in bearproof boxes or hang your food from a tree to keep it out of reach from suspecting wildlife like bears and squirrels. Big game like bears often seeks out human food because it has more fat and calories — so use mule tape to add security to your food bin, or strategically hang your food bag far from the ground and tree.

#3: Rappelling and Abseiling

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves exploring atypical places, you’ve probably abseiled before. Abseiling is when you rappel down a vertical rock face while you’re secured by a rope fixed at a higher point. When you rappel, you’ll need rope strong enough to carry your weight — and mule tape is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about mule tape from Self Reliance Outfitters? Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

Is Pulling Tape the Same as Mule Tape?

Pull tape is another name for mule tape. The “pull tape” came from the fact that it’s used to pull heavy loads. So how did it get its name, “mule tape?”

The exact origin is unclear. Some theorize it’s because mule tape is traditionally used to help route wires in walls, much like how mules (the animal) have traditionally helped map long distances.

How Strong Is Mule Tape? 

Mule or pull tape strength varies between 400 lb and 6000 lb, but all mule tape products will have a specific weight limit, like 1,250 lb and 2,500 lb, or the 1,800 lb Polyester Mule Tape. Weight classes denote internal tensile strength, which is the maximum load an object or material can withstand before its breaking point.

How Long Is Mule Tape?

Mule tape lengths vary greatly between 100, 300, 500, and 3,000 ft long, making it easy to choose the right rope for your needs. Unless you’re going to rappel or set up a perimeter around your campsite, a 100 ft rope will do the job.

What Material is Mule Tape?

Most mule or pull tape is made from low-stretch polyester or yarn fibers that are shaped to disperse the pulling load. Polyester is a synthetic material that can be created to fit specific needs due to its low fiber stretch, which is why it’s the most common material used for mule tape. If you tear open mule tape, you’ll notice flat rope and fibers, which help distribute the heat more evenly so that there is reduced friction.

Strong-Quality Mule Tape from Self Reliance Outfitters

Never go into the wilderness unprepared. You might be surprised to find how handy mule tape can be while on the field, whether you’re out for a hike or on a several-day expedition. Buy the strongest tensile-strength pull tape cordage today.