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Ferro Rod | Ferrocium rod

Every outdoorsman should have a good fire-starting tool in their survival kit. A ferro rod, also known as a spark rod or ferrocerium rod, can ignite in windy conditions, cold, or rain. It’s the powerhouse capable of giving you the fire-starting momentum you need to stay warm and alive in the wilderness.

What Are Ferro Rods?

Ferro rods are one of the best tools for starting fires because wet, snowy, and humid conditions won’t impact your ability to get a flame on dry tinder. They're helpful in emergencies or when you want to cook a hot meal.

These rods contain ferrocerium: a combination of cerium, lanthanum, iron, magnesium, and other chemical elements.

How Do Ferrocerium Rods Work?

When you strike a ferrocerium rod with a sharp metal surface, it throws extremely hot sparks — up to 3000°F. A knife with a 90 degree spine is an excellent option to scrape your ferro rod. However, a tungsten striker also works if your ferro rod comes with one.

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If you’re looking for a reliable striker, the HD6 Ferro Rod comes with a tungsten one. Tungsten — which translates to “heavy stone” in Swedish — is the strongest natural metal on the planet.

How to Start a Fire with a Ferrocerium Rod

Knowing how to start a fire in the cold is an essential survival skill. And with ferro rods, even bushcraft beginners can light a fire in bad weather. 

Once you have a good site, make a fire pit with dry wood and stones and gather your tinder materials. Then, for a fool-proof flame, use the Pathfinder Mini Inferno all-weather pads.

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Get a flame going by holding your knife blade or metal tool stationary and then pressing the rod against it and drawing it toward you.

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This should throw sparks that land on your tinder and Inferno discs. 

How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?

You get thousands of strikes with one ferrocerium rod, meaning you could be a regular outdoorsman and only use one your entire life. But it still doesn’t hurt to have a Replacement Rod on hand.

Buy a Reliable Ferro Rod from the Wilderness Experts at Self Reliance Outfitters

Whether you’re out hunting, camping on a weekend fishing trip, or hiking up another mountain — a good fire starter will always come in handy. Pack a quality ferro rod in your survival kit to ensure you never go without a hot meal and a warm fire in the great outdoors.

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