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What To Do If You Touch Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 10, 2021   •   bushcraft, survival, survival training

So you've come in contact with poison ivy? You can't think straight and go about your day normally because all you can think about is scratching the itch caused by the poison ivy. When you touch poison ivy, its effects can ruin your daily routine and way of life for...

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How to Sharpen an Axe

Posted by Larry Catt on July 12, 2021   •   axe, bushcraft

How to Sharpen an Axe "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."  President Abraham Lincoln said it best: The most crucial part about wielding an axe is ensuring its blade is sharp enough. This means that proper TLC...

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How To Create A Simple DIY Campfire Cooking Suspension System

Posted by Larry Catt on May 12, 2021   •   bushcraft, bushcraft camp

Pull out your phone, pull up a browser, and look for “restaurants near me.” That’s how simple it is these days to find food options. However, when you’re out in the wild, in a survival situation, or even if you’re camping, all you have to rely on are your skills...

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How to Split Wood Without an Axe

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on May 04, 2021   •   axe, bushcraft, bushcraft camp

Picture this: It’s a cool, sunny weekend out in the woods, and you’ve just come back to your camp after hiking and exploring the area for the day. The temperature’s beginning to drop and the sun’s going down, which means it’s time to start building your campfire. Unfortunately, any kindling...

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What is the Best Fire Starter for your Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 30, 2019   •   bushcraft, bushcraft camp, Ferro Rod, fire starting, flint and steel

Is the Ferro Rod the Best Firestarter for your Bushcraft Camp? A fire pit or fire ring at your bushcraft camp will likely be a place of gathering. It will be where meals are cooked and eaten, and it might be a place where stories are exchanged. To be effective...

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