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What Are The Survival Uses for Wool Blankets

Posted by Michael Sullivan on December 03, 2021   •   survival, wool, wool blanket

As a survivalist, you know that you have to be prepared for just about anything. Being properly equipped is key to surviving the unexpected, and it’s often the most basic of items that turn out to be the most useful.  Wool blankets are essential pieces of equipment you can put...

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Benefits of Wool Blankets

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on December 02, 2021   •   survival, wool blanket

Textile manufacturers often use harsh chemicals to treat fabrics. These toxic chemicals include formaldehyde, softeners, and synthetic chemicals. Companies use these chemicals to make their fabrics antimicrobial, stain resistant, sweat resistant, flame retardant, and anti-wrinkling. But, this can expose you to carcinogens. On the other hand, when you buy and...

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Build the Ultimate Woodsman's Wilderness Survival Kit

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 22, 2019   •   Ferro Rod, flint and steel, mora knives, next fire mentality, survival gear, survival kit, survival knife, wool blanket

Through the misty morning the voice of the forest clicks, chirps, snaps, and sings. Have you ever started your day with a campfire coffee, watching the fog dance through a wilderness valley? When you talk about real rarity in this lifetime, it comes from the places your woodsman’s wilderness survival kit can...

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