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Basic Survival Knots You Need To Know

Posted by Michael Sullivan on July 21, 2021   •   knots, survival, survival training

Basic Survival Knots You Need To Know Knowing how to tie a knot with cordage properly is something many people don’t think twice about—but in actuality, this skill can be what saves your life in survival situations.  You can never predict what your time will be like when you’re out...

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The One Knot To Rule Them All and How To Tie It

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on February 18, 2021   •   bushcraft camp, knots

Knowing your way around a rope can help make your trip outdoors a hundred times easier. The arbor knot is a simple knot that gets almost any job done, so you can use it to secure your food, shelter, gear, and to gather supplies. Learn how to tie it here!

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