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Everything You May Need To Know About Tick Bites

Posted by Michael Sullivan on August 10, 2021   •   survival, survival training, ticks, tips

Over the past couple of years, tick-related diseases have been steadily increasing. Although exact reasons are not known, scientists theorize it’s because many species of ticks are migrating. An unfortunate example is the lone star tick expanding its territory from the southeastern United States to the northern and midwestern states....

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What To Do If You Touch Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 10, 2021   •   bushcraft, survival, survival training

So you've come in contact with poison ivy? You can't think straight and go about your day normally because all you can think about is scratching the itch caused by the poison ivy. When you touch poison ivy, its effects can ruin your daily routine and way of life for...

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Basic Survival Knots You Need To Know

Posted by Michael Sullivan on July 21, 2021   •   knots, survival, survival training

Basic Survival Knots You Need To Know Knowing how to tie a knot with cordage properly is something many people don’t think twice about—but in actuality, this skill can be what saves your life in survival situations.  You can never predict what your time will be like when you’re out...

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10 Ways to Use a Survival Knife

Posted by Larry Catt on February 17, 2019   •   survival gear, survival knife, survival training

A survival knife is among the first pieces of equipment that come to mind when most people think of bushcraft. The versatility of a survival knife as tool and weapon makes it one of the top 3 items in your pack No woods-wanderer should be without a dependable knife.  While there...

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To Boil or Not to Boil?

Posted by Dave Canterbury on July 02, 2018   •   boiling water, self reliance, survival, survival training, tips, water filtering, water purification

To Boil or Not to Boil? Waterborne disease is a risk for travelers who visit countries that have poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation, and for those in the wilderness relying on surface water in any country, including the United States.

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Survival or Self Reliance?

Posted by Dave Canterbury on June 21, 2018   •   primitive fire, primitive navigation, primitive shelter, Primitive trapping, self reliance, survival, survival training, wild edibles

Within the realm of definition, the following definition I believe describes both “Survival” and “Self-Reliance”. 

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Survival Gear: 4 Must Be Skilled with Tools

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on May 24, 2018   •   survival gear, survival knife, survival training

To be a proficient survivalist, you must have knowledge on the tools to survive in the wild. We have put together a list of the must-be-skilled-with survival gear.

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Fire Starting Methods That Will Not Fail You

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on May 18, 2018   •   flint and steel, survival training, tips

This article will be about getting a dependable fire fast and easy. These fire-starting methods are all about reacting to a survival scenario. We’ll cover everything from flint and steel to a magnifying glass to give you confidence in your pack.

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Survival Gear, Being Prepared, etc… Let’s talk the basics.

Posted by Larry Catt on October 14, 2015   •   mora knives, survival gear, survival training

It can all be very confusing. With the influx of so many outlets for knowledge and know-how, it’s hard to keep it all straight. However, keeping it straight isn’t necessarily the point. It’s making sense of the various options we have, and taking advantage of them to fit our personal...

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Building A Fire: Bird’s Nest 101

Posted by Larry Catt on April 22, 2013   •   survival training

When I was asked to write an article on buiding a fire, I thought sure, but why? I mean, I have seen many articles on friction fires, and fires with flint and steel, so why do I need to tell people what to do when building a fire, along with how to...

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10 Benefits of Youth Survival Training

Posted by Larry Catt on April 15, 2013   •   survival training

Youth survival training is an incredible opportunity for young people to gain skills that will benefit them for years to come. There are few young people who would not think the idea of survival training is cool, and who would not jump at the chance to learn some cool survival skills....

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