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Survival Blog — Ferro Rod

What is the Best Fire Starter for your Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 30, 2019   •   bushcraft, bushcraft camp, Ferro Rod, fire starting, flint and steel

Is the Ferro Rod the Best Firestarter for your Bushcraft Camp? A fire pit or fire ring at your bushcraft camp will likely be a place of gathering. It will be where meals are cooked and eaten, and it might be a place where stories are exchanged. To be effective...

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Essential Survival Gear for a DIY Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 30, 2019   •   bushcraft camp, bushcrafting, cordage, Ferro Rod, flint and steel, folding saw, haversack, survival gear, survival kit, survival knife

We all dream of having a little spot in the woods to call our own. You might see people at a bushcraft camp on YouTube or in a magazine. Creating your own DIY bushcraft camp is well within your reach. If you have the right tools and skills it can be very...

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Build the Ultimate Woodsman's Wilderness Survival Kit

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 22, 2019   •   Ferro Rod, flint and steel, mora knives, next fire mentality, survival gear, survival kit, survival knife, wool blanket

Through the misty morning the voice of the forest clicks, chirps, snaps, and sings. Have you ever started your day with a campfire coffee, watching the fog dance through a wilderness valley? When you talk about real rarity in this lifetime, it comes from the places your woodsman’s wilderness survival kit can...

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2019 Summer Outdoor Survival Gear Checklist

Posted by Larry Catt on March 05, 2019   •   bank link, Ferro Rod, survival gear, survival knife, water container

Some of the most practical survival gear is neither outrageously priced nor ‘just for the diehard survivalist.’ There are simple pieces of survival gear that are ‘must-haves’ to take along on any summer outdoor activity. 

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Ways to Carry a Ferro Rod

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 29, 2018   •   Ferro Rod

The Ferro rod is far and away the most effective, efficient and sustainable fire-starting tool on the market today. While it may seem more convenient to have matches or a lighter, the Ferro rod is the way to go, and we'll tell you why in this post.

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Finding the Right Survival Gear for You

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on July 10, 2018   •   Ferro Rod, survival gear, water container

Survival gear is very specific to the individual carrying it. No two personally packed survival bags will include the same contents. Whether you are putting together your first set of survival gear or reassessing your skills to re-pack, here are three things to think about while gathering your gear.

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