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2019 Summer Outdoor Survival Gear Checklist

2019 Summer Outdoor Survival Gear Checklist

2019 Summer Outdoor Survival Gear ChecklistThe term ‘survival gear’ can conjure up images of large, cumbersome and expensive items completely outside the realm of the average persons idea of affordability or practicality. In reality, this shouldn’t be the case. Some of the most practical survival gear is neither outrageously priced nor ‘just for the diehard survivalist.’ There are simple pieces of survival gear that are ‘must-haves’ to take along on any summer outdoor activity. 

2019 Summer Outdoor Survival Gear Checklist

Now that summer is in full swing and you’re taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors, remember to take precautions and have an emergency plan in place. While no one likes to think of being forced into a survival situation, it can happen to anyone. Here is a concise, common sense and convenient list of items that every survival gear checklist should include. 

1. Survival Knife

Few things can take the place of a quality survival knife. Essential to any survival gear checklist should be a knife that is built to withstand the harsh environments known to accompany a survival situation. 

Consider purchasing a survival knife that offers full tang construction and has at least a 5-inch carbon steel blade. 

2. Headlamp 

While some may not consider it to be ‘survival gear,’ a light source is a vital component to any outdoor survival gear checklist. A dependable light has been the salvation of many a lost or stranded individuals. 

Our favorite headlamp is the Princeton Tec EOS. It offers a long burn time (121-hours) and is built to withstand the abuse of the outdoors. 

3. Fire Starting Kit

No matter where you’re headed in the outdoors, be sure to have an alternative method for fire starting. A compact fire starting kit can provide a multiple means of fire starting without taking up too much room in your camping gear or backpack.

The Pocket Fire Starting Kit is a ready made kit from Self Reliance Outfitters and includes a ferrocerium rod, flint & steel, mini infernos, magnifying lens and poucheverything you need to make sure fire starting is part of your survival gear.

4. Bank Line

Bank line has a multitude of uses. It can be used to build a shelter, catch fish or make a trap. Adding bank line to your outdoor survival gear list is a must. Since it is inexpensive and durable you’ll never regret having bank line at your disposal. 

Our No.36 bank line provides superior performance at an affordable price. You wont regret adding this to your summer survival gear. 

5. Stainless Container

Whether you choose to use a stainless canteen or a stainless bottle is personal preference. What is necessary for your survival gear checklist is to have a quality stainless container that is built to withstand direct fire and can be used to boil/disinfect water in if necessary. 

Both our stainless canteen and stainless bottle set  are designed to withstand direct fire and provide the best possible performance of any stainless container on the market. 


When planning your next summer adventure, be sure and add these items to your survival gear. Although some items on the list may seem insignificant, you’ll find them indispensable should a survival situation arise. 

Begin your summer outdoor adventure by checking out our vast selection of high-quality survival gear

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