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Different Ways You Can Use a Toggle Around Camp

Posted by Larry Catt on October 18, 2021   •   bushcraft camp, Cookware, cordage, survival

When it comes to roughing it, the old saying goes: “Never judge a book by its cover.” And this couldn’t ring more true. The same motto applies to self-made tools out in the field. In other words, don't underestimate how useful some paracord and a wooden stick can be for...

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Why Choose Pathfinder Titanium Cookware

Posted by Michael Sullivan on February 18, 2021   •   Cookware, Titanium

The type of cookware that you bring for camping can make or break your experience. For example, if you like to hike, materials like cast iron will be far too heavy to carry. Others, like titanium, tend to have hot spots that can make it a challenge to cook evenly. That’s why you should always do your own research on the cookware materials that work for you best. 

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