10 Benefits of Youth Survival Training

10 Benefits of Youth Survival Training

Youth survival training is an incredible opportunity for young people to gain skills that will benefit them for years to come.

There are few young people who would not think the idea of survival training is cool, and who would not jump at the chance to learn some cool survival skills. Survival training offers an incredible opportunity to the youth of today, and the benefits of such training are numerous.


1. Increase odds of survival

This is the most obvious result of learning survival skills. Survival training increases your odds of making it through adverse situations. The majority of survival is based around preparation, and there is no better preparation than proper training.

2. Character building

When a young person must face the reality of survival situations, and consider what he or she should do to live through a scary survival event, it causes character growth. Not every young person is forced to deal with such harsh realities, even if they should be.

3. Outdoor appreciation

Learning outdoor self reliance also teaches an appreciation for nature, and for all that makes up the natural world. In survival training, respect is learned, as well as a deeper understanding of how much joy can be found in nature.

4. Friendships

Going through survival training creates strong bonds among students and teachers. Learning to trust others, and to help others, is part of survival training.

5. Self reliance

When young people learn to handle themselves out in the wild, they begin to feel a strong sense of self reliance. After training, they know that they can deal with adverse situations that others may not be able to.

6. Survival gear

Survival gear, such as a survival knife, a survival kit and fire starting kits, are all par for the course in a survival school. Young people love cool gear just as much as adults do, and they learn to handle things like knives and fire implements responsibly.

7. Bushcraft

Bushcraft is an incredibly valuable skill, and young people gain a strong introduction to it when going through survival training. Not only do they get a strong foundation that they can use, they can also go on to develop their bushcraft into a marketable skill if they choose to later in life.

8. Social skills

Some of the young people that come to survival school have not developed strong social skills in their everyday lives. When they are exposed to the challenging world of survival training, where communication is vital, they gain valuable experience in how to interact with others.

9. Self confidence

Knowing that you can survive when things go bad is great for your self confidence. Young people emerge from a survival training course with a greater sense of self confidence. They have faced tough challenges, and they know that they can handle them.

10. Fun

Let’s face it – survival training is fun. How many kids get to learn how to survive on their own out in the wild with nothing but a pocket knife and a small survival kit? Even the most reluctant student usually winds up having a good time.

An investment for the future

The Pathfinder School and the National Pathfinder Youth Organization (NPYO) offer the kind of youth survival training that yields amazing benefits for all who participate. With an emphasis on helping youth that may not otherwise experience this kind of training, it gives youth from all walks of life the opportunity to experience all of the benefits listed above.

Survival training is not only an enjoyable learning experience, it is also an investment for the future. You never know when you will need this type of knowledge, no matter how old you are.

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