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Different Ways to Utilize Your Shemagh as a Pack

Posted by Larry Catt on March 22, 2021   •   Shemagh

Have you ever used a shemagh?  A shemagh is a large piece of square cloth that resembles a scarf. Traditionally, shemaghs are worn as a headdress by people in Middle Eastern countries, like Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, and Yemen. Designed for arid climates to protect the face from harsh sun...

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The One Knot To Rule Them All and How To Tie It

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on February 18, 2021   •   bushcraft camp, knots

Knowing your way around a rope can help make your trip outdoors a hundred times easier. The arbor knot is a simple knot that gets almost any job done, so you can use it to secure your food, shelter, gear, and to gather supplies. Learn how to tie it here!

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Why Choose Pathfinder Titanium Cookware

Posted by Michael Sullivan on February 18, 2021   •   Cookware, Titanium

The type of cookware that you bring for camping can make or break your experience. For example, if you like to hike, materials like cast iron will be far too heavy to carry. Others, like titanium, tend to have hot spots that can make it a challenge to cook evenly. That’s why you should always do your own research on the cookware materials that work for you best. 

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Self Reliance Outfitters: Dave Canterbury

Posted by Michael Sullivan on March 11, 2020  

With almost 40 years of experience in the outdoors, Dave has put his knowledge to good use by writing guide books, instructing at schools, educational videos, and selling high-quality gear at his online store. 

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How to Start a Fire Using Flint and Steel

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on February 13, 2020  

A Foolproof Technique for Fire Starters You can start a fire easily with a variety of household objects like matches, cloth, cotton balls, or a small lighter. However, in the wilderness, it’s always good to have flint and steel by your side.  Here’s how to start a fire using flint...

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10 Tips To Backyard Bushcraft – Part 2

Posted by Arti Sh on January 31, 2020  

10 Tips To Backyard Bushcraft – Part 2

While ‘backyard bushcraft’ may seem like an oxymoron to some, history proves otherwise. For those great men who passed down the traditions of bushcraft, it was their own backyards that made it possible for them to learn these valuable skills. It was close to home where men like Daniel Boone...

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Why Mora Knives are Great for a DIY Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on October 02, 2019   •   mora knives, survival knife

To many, the allure of bushcraft is that it can be incredibly fulfilling yet very affordable. At its very basic levels, you can merely head off into the woods with a knife. It's not to say that you want to do that for days at a time but if you...

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What is the Best Fire Starter for your Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 30, 2019   •   bushcraft, bushcraft camp, Ferro Rod, fire starting, flint and steel

Is the Ferro Rod the Best Firestarter for your Bushcraft Camp? A fire pit or fire ring at your bushcraft camp will likely be a place of gathering. It will be where meals are cooked and eaten, and it might be a place where stories are exchanged. To be effective...

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Essential Survival Gear for a DIY Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 30, 2019   •   bushcraft camp, bushcrafting, cordage, Ferro Rod, flint and steel, folding saw, haversack, survival gear, survival kit, survival knife

We all dream of having a little spot in the woods to call our own. You might see people at a bushcraft camp on YouTube or in a magazine. Creating your own DIY bushcraft camp is well within your reach. If you have the right tools and skills it can be very...

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Using your Survival Knife to Build a Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 24, 2019   •   axe, bushcrafting, folding saw, Habilis Bushtools, survival knife

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Best Tools to Store in your DIY Bushcraft Camp

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 17, 2019   •   axe, bushcraft camp, folding saw, Habilis Bushtools, survival knife

There are many tools that the DIY bushcrafter will rely on. Some of them, like a wood mallet, can be crafted from the very wood that surrounds them. Others, like a folding saw, require a little more craftsmanship. You will likely put them all to use in your DIY Bushcraft...

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Build the Ultimate Woodsman's Wilderness Survival Kit

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 22, 2019   •   Ferro Rod, flint and steel, mora knives, next fire mentality, survival gear, survival kit, survival knife, wool blanket

Through the misty morning the voice of the forest clicks, chirps, snaps, and sings. Have you ever started your day with a campfire coffee, watching the fog dance through a wilderness valley? When you talk about real rarity in this lifetime, it comes from the places your woodsman’s wilderness survival kit can...

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Understanding the Deadfall Trap and Passive Survival Food Sourcing

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on August 08, 2019   •   Deadfall Trap, fish traps, Primitive trapping, snares

The Survival Food Fantasy Squatting behind a large fallen oak, you stand at the ready with your hand-carved bow and cedar arrows. You are a marble statue and the woods hardly notice you. Neither does the giant whitetail deer. You pull back your bow and prepare to fire on what...

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Building the Right Mess Kit for Easy Eating in the Wild

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on July 08, 2019   •   haversack, mess kit, survival gear, survival knife

Eating In the Wild The early stages of the sunset are leaving brushstrokes of pink and blue on the edges of puffy clouds. Your fire is roaring, and your camp is staged. Months ago, you scouted this area and it looked to be perfect. Now it’s time to reap the...

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Best Survival Knife for 2019

Posted by Larry Catt on March 05, 2019   •   mora knives, survival gear, survival knife

Every year a new crop of gear hits the internet and the store shelves. It’s a very exciting time for gear junkies and those looking to do some shopping. The 2019 year offered up some great knives for the bushcraft and survival enthusiast. These survival knives range from high-end to pocket...

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