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Folding Saws & Bushcraft Saws

Folding Saw

Outdoor enthusiasts, are you looking for a high-quality, reliable folding saw tested by top-ranked survival experts? Easy to close, carry, and use, our full-sized and pocket-sized hand saws from Self Reliance Outfitters are a vital addition to your bushcraft tool kit. Check out our products below.

What a Good-Quality Bushcraft Saw Can Do

A bushcraft folding saw is an outdoorsman’s best friend. With blade teeth that can cut through bone or wood and the ability to fold down into a compact, easy-to-carry tool, you can take your saw with you just about anywhere. 

The right saw will feel comfortable in your hand and easy to carry. It should feature teeth and blades that easily let you cut through wood, bone, and other materials. With limited storage space, you need a tool that folds up quickly and fits comfortably within your survival pack. 

Saws are more lightweight than axes and hatchets, making them a better choice for long treks. Plus, they are safer and don’t require as much power to do the job, helping to preserve energy. You won’t need to carry other cutting tools with a great folding saw in your pack! 


Saws help cut wood, clear camp space, and build a shelter. With a tool like the Pathfinder BOREAL 15, you can quickly open the saw and start using it without delay.

Pathfinder BOREAL15 Kit

This folding saw also includes a seven-inch ruler along the blade length so you can make a perfect measured cut every time. 

When you’ve finished the job, it folds up neatly and fits into a rugged sheath, with room for an extra blade and spare parts.


On a hunting trip, having a small but powerful saw with a good grip like the Outdoor Edition PocketBoy Professional makes it easy to dress your game.

Outback Edition - PocketBoy Professional 170mm

This impulse-hardened saw features taper ground blades for fast and effortless cuts – highly efficient for clearing brush, cutting rope or cord, and building a ground blind. 

At Home

You don’t have to venture into the forest to have fun with your blade. These cutting tools are perfect for cutting dead branches and other lawn work.


For at-home woodworking projects, opt saw with a longer blade, such as the BOREAL 21, which features a 21-inch blade and an ergonomically designed handle.

Buy Durable Folding Saws From Self Reliance Outfitters

Whether you’re a hardcore survivalist exploring the wilderness or a weekend adventurist on a fascinating excursion, you need a high-quality folding saw to tackle any obstacle. Find the perfect saws for any outdoor or at-home venture or project from Self Reliance Outfitters.

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