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Mess Kit

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Outfit your outdoor adventures with the Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit! Enjoy easy-to-make meals and hot drinks with its lightweight design, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Take ...
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Features of the Pathfinder Campfire Cooking Kit Never go without camping cookware again. With our Campfire Cooking Kit, you can be confident that you have everything you need for your next outdoor...
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For decades, the Swedish Mess kit was a staple for Nordic Soldiers to cook food and make coffee. This Kit was considered an all-inclusive camp kitchen and Pathfinder has recreated this kit to exact...
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Can't be combined with other discounts or coupon codes. The Ultimate Kit for the Camp Chef! Pathfinder has you covered with this robust yet compact kit! Great for base camp, this kit can handle...
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The Pathfinder French Press Pantry is a versatile solution for all your needs. It includes a coffee press, which doubles as a cook pot, and multiple food storage containers. The stackable 8oz tins...
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Store and protect your cooking kit, dry goods or food using the 6 stackable tins provided. Excellent for storage of, cups, bottles and utensils. *IMPORTANT: Break in your waxed canvas prior to the...

Mess Kits

With a high-quality mess kit, you always have the proper tools to prepare a hot meal over the campfire, no matter where your outdoor expedition takes you. And at Self Reliance Outfitters, you’ll find the survival cookware set to fit all your adventuring needs.

Whether you crave a hot coffee and warm breakfast in the morning or enjoy cooking like a woodland chef, Self Reliance Outfitters has a high-quality mess kit with all the essential campfire cooking accessories. Check out what’s in store today.

The Essentials for Camping Mess Kits

Ever wondered what you should pack with your camping cookware mess kit? A camping mess kit should have all the supplies you need for cooking over the campfire.

But the key is it needs to be lightweight and compact without any unnecessary pieces weighing you down. Mess kits should fit neatly in a mesh bag and leave room inside your survival backpack for other outdoor essentials.

Here are all the crucial pieces a high-quality cookware mess kit needs for camping, backpacking, hiking, or other wilderness adventures. 

Small Stove

A camping stove is great for boiling water or cooking meals when you don’t have the time or available dry wood to build a campfire. Our Campfire Survival Cooking Kit has the basics, but it’s by no means lacking in functionality.

All you need is a ferro rod or mini inferno to ignite your heat source, and you’re good to go. Just place a pot, stainless steel water bottle, canteen, or pan on the stove and start cooking.

Stainless Steel Bottle or Canteen

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for carrying water outdoors because you can carry hot or cold liquids for long periods without worrying about bacteria growing. Plus, you can boil the water directly from the container. This is critical for outdoor enthusiasts: At any point, you might need to gather water from a natural resource and boil it to ensure it’s safe to drink. 

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The Self Reliance Outfitters Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit is designed for just that. It comes with bottle hangers and BPA-free stainless steel bottles, so you know your drinkware is ready for anything — gathering water, boiling over the fire, and, most importantly, keeping you hydrated. 

Frying Pan

There’s no reason you can’t eat like royalty while out on the field: Skillet allow you to fry eggs, potatoes, and freshly caught fish or game over the fire. 

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In our Pathfinder Woodland Chef Kit 2.0 camping cookware mess kit, you get a skillet with a foldable, locking handle. This feature saves space while providing the proper gear to prepare tasty meals at your campsite.

Larger Pot

If you’re preparing group meals at your base camp, a large pot with a lid is a must-have for your mess kit. Quickly boil vegetables, make stews or soups, boil a large amount of water, and more. Feed the masses without any delay or extra cookware.

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Our stainless steel Pathfinder Woodland Chef Kit 2.0 comes with pots and lids that are easy to clean and compactly stacked together, so you’ll have no problem whipping up a meal, cleaning up, and moving on to whatever’s next on your agenda.

Dishes and Utensils

Whether you camp frequently or once in a while, you’ll need a reliable set of dishes and utensils for eating. Whether you opt for the Campfire Survival Cooking Kit, the Pathfinder Woodland Chef Kit 2.0, or the Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit, all of our mess kits come with durable dishes and utensils.

What’s the Difference Between a Campfire Mess Kit and a Survival Cooking Kit?

Depending on your type of outdoor adventure, you’ll need to decide between a survival cooking kit or a camping mess kit. While both will have cookware that nests together, the specifics can vary. 

A survival kit has the basics to warm up liquids or food while in the woods, including a backpacking stove, stainless steel pot, and a stainless steel bottle or canteen. 

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It also includes tools to start your fire, such as a ferro rod and mini infernos, which you’ll find in the Pathfinder Campfire Survival Cooking Kit and the Pathfinder Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit.

You might need to purchase fire-lighting supplies with a camping mess kit. That’s because the focus of these mess kits is cookware options, like a plate, cup, or spoon, so you have all the supplies you need for cooking full campfire meals. 

Mess Kit Essentials for Week-Long Wilderness Trips

Most camping mess kits will do the job for weekend camping and backpacking trips. But when planning a longer excursion, you’ll need more food.

That’s why mess kits should always have some storage, like Self Reliance Outfitters’ Pathfinder Pantry Bag, Pathfinder Woodsman’s Pantry, or Pathfinder Woodsman’s Pantry Plus, which comes with airtight cooking containers and a bottle hanger.

You’ll have plenty of space for meals, snacks, and foraged food that will last several days within your pack.

Campfire Cooking Kits for Every Type of Outdoor Adventure

Choose the cookware mess kit that suits your needs from Self Reliance Outfitters. With stainless steel containers, nesting features, and easy-to-carry mess kit bags, you can always prepare nourishing meals to fuel your adventures.