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Bushcraft 101 Class

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This Bushcraft 101 Class gives outdoor enthusiasts the chance to deepen their knowledge and practice of bushcrafting. Learn specialized skills like wooden tool maintenance, bow drill fire making, and bark container making, as well as ancient techniques such as rope making and wooden pulleys. Explore medicinal trees, sun compass navigation and camp cooking, as well as deadfall traps. This low intensity course involves walks up to 5km with project materiel.

The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to class start date.


Subject Matter Outline:

  • Tools and Maintenance  
  • Wooden tools
  • Buck saws and types off the landscape
  • Bow drill fire making
  • Debris Huts/natural Shelters
  • Bark containers or shrink pots
  • Ötzi style pack frames
  • Medicinal Trees
  • Rope making
  • Wooden pulleys
  • Spoon carving
  • Sun compass and Solar Navigation
  • Pot cranes and cooking apparatuses
  • Simple camp cooking
  • Bushcraft stool
  • Medicinal preps
  • Deadfall Traps

Duration: 4 days, 3-nights

Class Limit 18

Start time: 8 am (first day of class)

About our School:

  • Fully Insured
  • Red Cross Certified Training Facility
  • EMT’s and Paramedic’s on Staff
  • AED on Location 
  • Epinephrine on Location
  • Instructors are CPR and Wilderness First Aid Red Cross Certified 
  • Low Student to Instructor to create a Pedagogy learning environment. 
  • Most Instructors either former Military, EMS, or LE
  • Lead Instructor is NASAR Advanced Search and Rescue Certified 
  • Dave Canterbury is Certified Expert Trapper by Fur Takers of America and a Certified Intermediate Herbalist by the Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences
  • All Instructors are equipped and licensed in HAM radio as well as PLB SAT comes for emergency communications away from classroom area.
  • Training area is over 4500 Forested Acres 

Please make sure you take all gear with you at the end of the class. If gear is left behind, we will not be able to ship it to you, and will be considered abandoned. Minimum age 13 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult student registered for this class.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
RK (California, United States)
Legit training

This is a well organized comprehensive course.
“Basic” does not mean easy. The time requirements add appropriate stress to simulate a survival situation. Instructors are top notch and truly invested in teaching. That said, come prepared. This class would be very tough without dirt time to practice the fundamentals skills before the class.

Erick Smith (Kansas, United States)
A Great Course to Start With

I just came back from the Bushcraft 101 course (3/2023) I had read the books but to be able to put the book teaching into actual hands-on teaching with really awesome instructors made it worth all of the difficulties I faced being the only 1st time student. But.....would I do it all over again? Definitely, and I'm hoping to attend the Advanced Bushcraft course once it's available to take. Until then, there are others courses that I'm looking forward to. Not only do the instructors teach what is in the course curriculum but throughout there are practical tidbits that you pick up along the way. Looking forward to more time at the Pathfinder School

Gary Tepastte (Michigan, United States)
Bushcraft 101

Have not been to that particular class yet but the Basic Survival was awesome. I plan to do the bushcraft 101 then the Intermediate class. The instructors and venue is absolutely perfect, the training is truly the best you can get in this field.

Randy L (Pennsylvania, United States)
Educational and enjoyable

Took this class in April, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Learning bushcraft skills allows you to take notice of your surroundings and utilize the materials at hand to supplement your kit. Highly recommended.

Ron DeJean
Great class!!!

I took the Bushcraft 101 class in July and it was great! The class was laid back, with plenty of time for interaction with the instructors and fellow students. Numerous projects were completed and we left with a sense of accomplishment by doing many new bushcraft skills. I have a new found appreciation for the ability to work wood to accomplish tasks. As background, I took the basic survival class about 5 years ago and found this class to be much more laid back, but just as informative. As usual, Dave and his instructors were amazing! My only regret is that I wish that I could have attended the March class (cancelled because of Covid-19) because the July class was significantly warmer.

Thanks again, SRO... Another satisfied customer!