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Basic Class Gear Page

Below are the required gear need for the Basic Class.
Each student must have their own gear. Sharing gear is not acceptable as it slows down the exercises.

(1) Knife*

(1) Folding Saw

(1) Swiss Army Knife

(2) Bic Lighters

(1) ½” x 6” Ferro Rod

(1) Fresnel Lens

(1) 5x7 Survival Blanket

(2) 55-Gal Drum Liners

(1) Swagman Roll or Poncho Liner

(1) Mil Spec Poncho

(6) Plastic Tent Stakes

(1) Survival Bivvy

(1) Accordion Sleeping Mat

(1) 100ft Paracord

(1) 100ft #36 Bankline

(2) SS Water Bottles (1) SS Cup *

(1) Milbank Bag

(1) Compass

(1) Pace Beads

(1) 100% cotton 2XL T-shirt

(2) Shemaghs

(1) Headlamp

(1) 1” Gorilla Tape

(1) All Weather Journal

(3) Pencils or All-Weather Pen

(1) Haversack

(1) Analog Watch

(1) pair of Leather Gloves


Items in orange are only for classes during November thru March.
*Canteens can be substituted for Bottles however, must be stainless steel. 
*Knife must have a minimum of a 4.3 inch blade, carbon steel, full tang with 90 degree spine.

Items such as the Bic Lighters, Fresnel Lens, Sleeping Mat, 100% Cotton Cloth, Analog Watch, & Leather Gloves can be found on Amazon or local retailers. 

Personal items you will need to bring:

Clothes for the weather

Spare socks

Appropriate Hygiene items

Bring just add water or MRE style meals & snacks. (no meals are provided)

Bring any needed medications (prescription meds only)

Bug Repellent (seasonal)

Tent or Hammock Camping to your comfort level

Coolers are welcome but leave in vehicle and can be accessed during breaks.

Camping is primitive and walk-in only. Food is not provided, so bring adequate food and snacks. Electrolyte drink mixes are recommend, like Gatorade or Powerade. There are no showers, and port-a-lets are located about 400 yards from the base camp area.

If you need to order gear, you must do so at least 2 weeks prior to your class start date so it will arrive to you in time.
Gear cannot be shipped to the school for pick up.
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