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Bayou Classic Cast Iron

Experience the durability and versatility of cast iron cooking and taste the difference it can make in your dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor chef or a beginner, Bayou Classic cast irons are the perfect addition to your cooking arsenal.

Shop the Self Reliance Outfitters Bayou Classic cast iron skillet and dutch oven collection today.

Is Bayou Classic a Good Cast Iron?

Bayou Classic cast irons are excellent cookware. Cast iron works with many heat sources, making them perfect for grilling, gas stoves, and electric plates. They stay warm long after they're removed from the heat source, guaranteeing warm dinners and meals.

Because cast iron cookware distributes heat evenly, they're perfect for all cooking activities: Easily bake, pan fry, saute, or boil soup and stew. They’re also easy to clean, come in various sizes, and can double as serving dishes.

Bayou Classic Cast Iron Overview

The mighty Bayou Classic cast iron offers a cozy farmhouse feel that connects you to the naturalness of being out on the field. Make breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a variety of cast iron pans and stockpots to choose from, such as:

Remember that cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and jambalaya pots are heavy-duty, so you’ll want to ensure you pack the items you need the most and opt for a nylon pack that can help distribute the weight evenly.

Want more options? You can also choose from the Pathfinder chef kit bags with stainless steel cookware easily stored in one bag.

Get the Entire Bayou Classics Collection

Revolutionize outdoor cooking with some of the most impressive cookware on the market today. With unbeatable durability, versatility, and performance, Bayou Classic cast iron skillets are an excellent investment for any outdoor enthusiast. Buy your first cast iron skillet today or build your set from Self Reliance Outfitters to start cooking like a pro.

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