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The Pathfinder 2 Knife (PLSK2) by Blind Horse Knives Review



Building their brand on quality and integrity, Blind Horse Knives has earned the coveted reputation as a premier knife maker. Due to a no-frills approach and attention to detail Blind Horse Knives has established itself as a favorite among bushcrafters.

What started as a dream has grown into a thriving business including numerous affiliates such as The Pathfinder Store. Named after a blind horse that helped haul heavy cabin timbers generations ago, Blind Horse Knives remains true to its namesake.

A match made in heaven, The Pathfinder Store offers the uniquely branded Pathfinder 2 Knife by Blind Horse Knives, signifying it was built with the Pathfinder stamp of approval. One look and you can see this knife is a reflection of everything Pathfinder stands for and Blind Horse Knives is known for.


The Pathfinder School holds to the conviction that in any self-reliance situation it is of utmost importance to have a quality knife at your side. The Pathfinder 2 Knife offers the confidence of knowing that no matter what happens in your surroundings this knife can stand up to your demands.

The Pathfinder 2 Knife by Blind Horse Knives is built on 3/16-inch thick O1 tool steel, renowned for holding an edge, sharpening easily and being virtually indestructible. With an overall length of 8 3/8 inches, the Pathfinder 2 Knife is comfortable and a pleasure to use. It’s squared-off spine compliments the included ferro rod and makes getting a valuable spark that much easier. With its full tang construction, the Pathfinder 2 Knife makes for an unfailing bushcrafting companion.


Undeniably the Pathfinder 2 Knife by Blind Horse Knives ranks among the strongest of survival knives. With its heavy-duty construction we found it endured anything we threw at it.

From battoning to simple cutting, the Pathfinder 2 Knife performed without a flaw. Its extremely rugged 1 ¼ inch blade had more than enough strength to accomplish any task and the Scandi grind cut extremely well.

The contoured 4 inch handle is extremely comfortable and crafted from green Micarta and fastened with large fisheye bolts giving it a noticeable rigidity. The lanyard hole is positioned discretely and out of way when work demands an aggressive grip.

The Pathfinder 2 Knife comes packaged with a high-quality, open top, leather dangler sheath with an integrated loop for a ferro rod. The sheath is a traditional woodsman design and double stitched for longevity.

Whether building a shelter, carving delicate pieces of a deadfall trap, or general woodcraft, the Pathfinder 2 Knife has what it takes to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

R. R. Hynes


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