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About Us

Self Reliance Outfitters™ - About Us

Bushcrafting & Outdoor Self Reliance Products

Self Reliance Outfitters™ is the outfitter for The Pathfinder School, LLC. Self Reliance Outfitters™ assists the Pathfinder School in product development & merchandising to bring you the best possible products available to assist you in making your bushcrafting & outdoor self reliance experiences the best possible.

Every product we sell is examined by Dave Canterbury & The Pathfinder School Instructors to see if that product measures up to our quality standards. Rest assured Self Reliance Outfitters strives with every product to bring the best product line to fit the beginner to the seasoned outdoors-man!

The Pathfinder School, LLC is an outdoor self reliance and survival school specializing in no-nonsense training for everyone who ventures into the outdoors. Founded by Dave Canterbury, The Pathfinder School provides many opportunities for you to learn the skills needed to become self reliant.

Dave and The Pathfinder School are dedicated to passing on this "tribal knowledge" of outdoor self reliance and primitive skills to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. Dave Canterbury is co-owner of Self Reliance Outfitters, author of The Pathfinder System: Survivability For The Common Man, Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival, Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival and has posted over 900 YouTube videos on the Pathfinder School, LLC YouTube Channel with over 387,000 subscribers and over 61 millions views world wide. Dave has started the Pathfinder TV on YouTube, this subscription based channel is based on solid Skills based content with NO advertising and NO Product endorsement of any kind,  trying to provide a teaching environment that everyone can enjoy on a daily basis with nothing but pure content. Dave Canterbury also created, produced, and directed his new TV show called "Pathfinder Outdoor Journals" that aired on HUNT TV Channel in July of 2014. Dave is currently a co-star of the hit TV show "Dirty Rotten Survival" on the National Geographic Channel.

Utilizing his over 20 years of experience in bush crafting, outdoor self reliance and primitive skills experience, Dave and his trained instructors are dedicated in bringing you a superior level of training to prepare you for whatever conditions you find yourself in while in the outdoors!

The Pathfinder System

The Pathfinder System was developed by Dave Canterbury who has over 20 years of bush crafting, outdoor self reliance and primitive skills experience. As a hunting guide, Dave started thinking about what a person should have with them and what they should do in case they became lost or stranded. He sifted through the information, put in the dirt time testing the skills and equipment, and came up with The Pathfinder System.

The Pathfinder System trains the beginner to experienced outdoorsman, bush crafter, or adventurer in outdoor self reliance, primitive, and survival skills. the system is designed for anyone who wants to learn these skills; the hunter, fisherman, trapper, hiker, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Law Enforcement professional, or anyone who enjoys the outdoors. One never knows when they may become lost or stranded and with the invaluable skills taught by the Pathfinder System, survival of an emergency situation becomes a reality.

Dave firmly believes we can learn from each other and continues to be a student himself. The Pathfinder System is taught through down to earth lessons where students learn by doing and practicing the skills taught. the training is offered in a variety of ways to meet your time, schedule, and budget. There are hands-on courses, e-courses, a virtual classroom, and The Pathfinder Gathering event. Check out the information on the different types of classes or visit our Class Schedule to see what opportunities are coming up. Most of the hands-on classes and training are held at our school in Jackson, Ohio; however, you won't find a building there, the outdoors is your classroom!