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Intermediate Survival Class

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Prepare for the unexpected with our Intermediate Survival Class. Learn primitive techniques and practices to survive in the wilderness, including fire-making and long-distance trekking. Experience sleep, food, and water deprivation, and build the skills necessary for longer-term wilderness living. Perfect for those seeking to advance their survival skills.

The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to class start date.

4 Day, 3 Night Course, 3.5 CEU's

Click Here for Required Equipment List

Class Outline

  • Principle of Shelter Craft
  • Roving Camps vs Base Camp mentality
  • Friction and Percussion Fire
  • Water Collection and Disinfection
  • Navigation by Terrain and Celestial Bodies
  • Map Reading and Self Mapping
  • Resource Management
  • Crafting usable objects for a Camp Setting
  • Primitive Hunting Implements and Trapping
  • Foraging and Medicinal Trees
  • Preserving Meat sources
  • Hikes of 5+ miles (with your gear) at a time to collect sticks and other materials off the landscape
  • Navigation over uneven and potentially very muddy terrain while carrying your gear
  • As part of the training you will be required to sleep in a primitive shelter all 3 nights. You will have limited gear for comfort- no exceptions are made, if you cannot make fire, you simply will not have it.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of your experience or skill level in the woods, the Pioneer class is an intense class and is definitely a few steps above the Basic class.

*It is strongly recommended that you take the Basic class before Intermediate.

Facilities - Port-a-Pots are located approximately 400 yards from base camp near the parking area.

Water will be available from jugs located in Base Camp. We continually check the water supply to make sure it is readily available.

We do not allow anyone to remain at camp without an instructor present

Preparing for the Class:

If you suffer from a medical condition that requires medication, please bring your prescribed medicines with you. If you undergo surgery or a hospital stay within 30 days of the class, DO NOT attempt this course.

Highly recommend - physically prepare yourself at least 1-3 months in advance of this class. Based on your “starting point” physical condition.

  • Hiking: uneven terrain will provide the most benefit.
  • Walking: (at least 3-4 times weekly) for 5K-10K
  • Work your way up to a pack weight of 50lb

As the premier school for self-reliance, our training exceeds that of any other school in the nation; so please take it seriously and take the time to physically prepare.

Non-Patch Qualification Policy

  • When a student enrolls it is fully expected that they intend to certify in Intermediate Survival (by going for the patch).
  • If you fall behind but are doing your best, we will support your effort 100%! We will encourage you to keep it up and complete the course to the best of your ability.
  •  Should you be unable to keep up with the group due to physical injury or other health problem(s), we will go above and beyond to assist you by aiding in your mobility, administering hydration and personal motivation! Should those efforts fail, leaving you unable to complete the course, we will need to ask you to leave the school grounds.
  • If you (tap out) quit at any point, a helper will be assigned to aid you in packing up your gear and you will need to exit the school grounds.
  • Again, it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, to complete the course without qualifying for the patch, just let your instructor know that this is your desire.

Qualifications Issued

  • To those graduating from the course, a Intermediate Class Patch and Certificate of Completion, signed by the Instructional staff will be issued to you.
  • To those remaining throughout the course but did not meet the requirements of Patch Qualification, a Certificate of Training shall be issued to you, signed by the Instructional staff.
  • Both documents note Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) awarded.

Age Requirement: Students must be at least 16 years of age to attend this course. It's strongly recommended that they have completed a Basic Survival course prior to enrollment.

About our School:

  • Fully Insured
  • Red Cross Certified Training Facility
  • EMT’s and Paramedic’s on Staff
  • AED on Location 
  • Epinephrine on Location
  • Instructors are CPR and Wilderness First Aid Red Cross Certified 
  • Low Student to Instructor to create a Pedagogy learning environment. 
  • Most Instructors either former Military, EMS, or LE
  • Lead Instructor is NASAR Advanced Search and Rescue Certified 
  • Dave Canterbury is Certified Expert Trapper by Fur Takers of America and a Certified Intermediate Herbalist by the Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences
  • All Instructors are equipped and licensed in HAM radio as well as PLB SAT comes for emergency communications away from classroom area.
  • Training area is over 4500 Forested Acres 

Due to property insurance restrictions:

There will be no camping on the school property prior to the start of the class or after the classes concludes. Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult registered for the class.


Please make sure you take all gear with you at the end of the class. If gear is left behind, we will not be able to ship it to you, and will be considered abandoned. 

If you bring a minor that is not your child, you must have a signed Emergency Care Authorization form filled out by that child's parent(s) or legal guardian. Reference your Confirmation email for this document.

Due to property insurance restrictions: There will be no camping on the school property prior to the start of the class or after the classes concludes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sean (Illinois, United States)
Great class, Great experience.

This class is definitely a few steps above the Basic Class. That said it is certainly worth taking. The instructors were great. Dave, Bart, Ty, Alexander and Eric were very professional and patient. They will not give anything up to give you an edge, but they will not stop helping you. I watched them help several students at even 2am get their bow drill fires. It was a solid class, with solid instruction from excellent instructors. If you’re going to take this class, do yourself a favor and practice your bow drill fire in advance. It is a requirement to get the patch. I did and it paid off.

Austin (Maryland, United States)
Incredible Experience

This class was exactly how they describe it on the page. It was an incredible experience, one that I will remember fondly with a chuckle at how unprepared I was. I had never executed one of the tasks that was required and boy did I pay for it. BUT, while I was struggling, the instructors were right there next to me. They never gave up me, even at 3 AM. I will forever be greatful for the quality of people at the Pathfinder School. I look forward to learning and attending more classes with them.

richard ranalli (Ohio, United States)
Intermediate class

Didn't go yet not till March.

Tom Moore (North Carolina, United States)
If you're thinking of going.... Do it!

I heard multiple people say, "Basic doesn't mean easy." in regards to this class, and they were right. While it requires some physical exertion and endurance, and there is a lot of information transfer, it is extremely rewarding to have been able to attend the class, complete the deliverables, and come home with the patch! The skills and information learned in this course could easily save your life. The weekend that I attended, it rained frequently. We learned how to start fires despite the weather that we were experiencing, and while it was a struggle at times, the experience taught me that it is possible with the right knowledge and tools. The instructors are world-class, and their desire to have students succeed is evident. Take the jump, learn some valuable skills, prepare and go with a 'Don't Quit' attitude, and you won't regret it!

Larry R
Unequivocal experience

The stress itself is almost addictive. Intermediate demands a high level of performance in an overwhelming environment. The certificate of completion by itself commands respect