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Basic Survival Class

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The Basic Survival Class equips you with the essential skills to survive a 72-hour emergency scenario. Learn the versatile uses of our carefully curated 10 C's of Survivability kit and apply them to self-aid, fire craft, shelter construction, and water collection. Be prepared for anything with our comprehensive class.

Pathfinder Basic Survival Class (3 days, 2 nights) 

The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to class start date.

2.5 CEU's

A Patch Qualification Course:

Basic does not mean easy - It means the essential facts or principles of a subject or skill. Our essentials will revolutionize your outdoor training by pushing you beyond the limits you would otherwise push yourself. During the course, you can expect to walk roughly 3-4 miles You will be carrying your gear (approx.35lb) as well as materials for projects. Most of which you will collect off the landscape.

You will complete various timed exercises individually and as part of a team. Each deliverable is designed to make you more self-reliant. If you don't give up on yourself, we won't give up on you. We work in an EDI (Educate, Demonstrate, Imitate) fashion of training. The pace is dictated by the student(s).

For the Required Equipment List  Click Here. Please watch video below before assembling you pack.


IMPORTANT: Regardless of your experience or skill level in the woods, the Basic class is intense and is the foundation from which all Pathfinder School classes are built.

Meeting Location - Click Here

Cabin Rentals - Click Here

A broad overview of requirements / what you can expect - Most of these tasks will be performed while carrying your gear.

  • hikes of 1-2 miles
  • collection of sticks and other materials off the landscape
  • navigation courses over terrain which may be muddy or uneven
  • dealing with the elements (Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow, etc.)
  • As part of the final exercise: On the 2nd night, you will sleep in a temporary shelter that you construct and will have access to limited gear. No exceptions will be made unless you leave the course entirely.

Port-a-Pots are located approximately 400 yards from the base camp near the parking area.

Water will be available from jugs located in Base Camp. We continually check the water supply to make sure it is readily available.

We do not allow anyone to remain at camp without an instructor present

If you suffer from a medical condition that requires medication, please bring your prescribed medicines with you. If you undergo surgery or a hospital stay within 30 days of the class, DO NOT attempt this course.

Highly recommend - physically prepare yourself at least 1-3 months in advance of this class. Based on your “starting point” physical condition.

  • Hiking: uneven terrain will provide the most benefit.
  • Walking: (at least 3-5 times weekly) for 5K
  • Work your way up to a pack weight of 50lb before the class begins

As the premier school for self-reliance, our training exceeds that of any other school in the nation; so please take it seriously and take the time to physically prepare.

This class is the Foundation, without it, you may not pass higher-level classes. No refunds will be issued for classes you do not pass or those you quit.

Non-Patch Qualification Policy

  • When a student enrolls it is fully expected that they intend to certify in Basic Survival (by going for the patch).
  • If you fall behind but are doing your best, we will support your effort 100%! We will encourage you to keep it up and complete the course to the best of your ability.
  •  Should you be unable to keep up with the group due to physical injury or other health problem(s), we will go above and beyond to assist you by aiding in your mobility, administering hydration and personal motivation! Should those efforts fail, leaving you unable to complete the course, we will need to ask you to leave the school grounds.
  • If you (tap out) quit at any point, a helper will be assigned to aid you in packing up your gear and you will need to exit the school grounds.
  • Again, it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, to complete the course without qualifying for the patch, just let your instructor know that this is your desire.

    Qualifications Issued

    • To those graduating from the course, a Basic Class Patch and Certificate of Completion, signed by the Instructional staff will be issued to you.
    • To those remaining throughout the course but did not meet the requirements of Patch Qualification, a Certificate of Training shall be issued to you, signed by the Instructional staff.
    • Both documents note Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) awarded.

      Age Requirements

      • You must be 13 yrs or older to attend this class. Any student under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult registered with that class.
      • Young Adults 13 to 17 are full price.

        If your child is left in camp repeatedly or left alone to be cared for by staff, you may be asked to leave the class.

        If you bring a minor that is not your child, you must have a signed Emergency Care Authorization form filled out by that child's parent(s) or legal guardian. Reference your Confirmation email for this document.

        Cancellation Policy - Click Here

        About our School:

        • Fully Insured
        • Red Cross Certified Training Facility
        • EMT’s and Paramedic’s on Staff
        • AED on Location 
        • Epinephrine on Location
        • Instructors are CPR and Wilderness First Aid Red Cross Certified 
        • Low Student to Instructor to create a Pedagogy learning environment. 
        • Most Instructors either former Military, EMS, or LE
        • Lead Instructor is NASAR Advanced Search and Rescue Certified 
        • Dave Canterbury is Certified Expert Trapper by Fur Takers of America and a Certified Intermediate Herbalist by the Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences
        • All Instructors are equipped and licensed in HAM radio as well as PLB SAT comes for emergency communications away from classroom area.
        • Training area is over 4500 Forested Acres 

        Please make sure you take all gear with you at the end of the class. If gear is left behind, we will not be able to ship it to you, and will be considered abandoned. 

        Due to property insurance restrictions: There will be no camping on the school property prior to the start of the class or after the classes conclude.

        Each class is instructed by highly trained and professional outdoor/wilderness instructors. Each instructor teaches the Pathfinder School system and is authorized by Dave Canterbury. Instructors, including Dave Canterbury, can vary class to class.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 51 reviews
        Jeb Corley (Tennessee, United States)
        Great Group Adventure with Friends!

        100% recommend this course. Dave and his cadre of super experienced and professional instructors were outstanding! We booked a private course for a military reunion we did. It had been 20 years since we had gotten together as a group, so we wanted to see if we still "had it". The basic course was challenging, but also a lot of fun and surpassed our expectations.

        You do a lot of walking/rucking. You are taught a lot of skills and then tested in them individually. The last "mission" was great where we put all of the skills we learned during the course to the test. We had guys who were in their 40's, 50's and one who was in his early 60's. Totally recommend it if you are into survival, or want to try something different with your friends. It's a great 3 days of learning and doing!

        LEV C. (New Jersey, United States)
        looking forvard to attend it

        I took that course last year with my son, going to take it again with my partner.

        Robert Williams (Oregon, United States)

        Basic Survival Class

        Sean (Florida, United States)
        Just a great class

        After taking this class it is no wonder to me that this is the leading survival school in the country. I am no stranger to survival training, but what I liked most about this class was the logical and systematic approach to the survival mindset. All instructors (including Dave) were patient and thorough.

        This class is perfect for the avid hiker and primitive camper who will likely have a kit on their person. They show you how to minimize what you need to carry, and how to maximize the items that you do carry.

        The only issue I have with this class is trying to retain all of the information that was relayed to me. I highly recommend taking this class to anyone who spends time in the wilderness.

        Reviewer avatar
        Nich G (Ohio, United States)
        Best 3 days of my life!

        Paul from Adaptable Survival and Jake from Buckeye Bushcraft were my main instructors. Bart was the assistant instructor. Dave freaking Canterbury was there popping in to assert his vast wisdom too! This class was hard. They say basic doesn’t mean easy and that is a fact. But it was amazing. I took so much from this class and getting to learn from such great instructors was amazing. It was hard AF, but overall so much fun. I fought through a pinched nerve in my back the whole time and when they say they won’t give up on you, it’s truth. I loved my time at the Pathfinder School and I can’t wait to go back.