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How to Carry All Your Hunting Gear

If you want an easy way to carry all of your hunting gear, then invest in a hunting pack. Your bag should be large enough to accommodate your equipment, durable, waterproof, comfortable, and easily accessible in case you need to reach inside quickly.

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Do I Need Different Hunting Gear for Different Animals?

In short: Yes, you do need different hunting gear for different animals. For example, a mink snare is not going to work as well on a coyote as it might on a rabbit. If you plan to see medium-sized mammals like possums, woodchucks, or fishers, then you’ll want something large and durable like a double spring body grip trap. Before you begin shopping for hunting gear like traps and snares, think about the environment you’ll be in and the kind of game you’re likely to see.

What Hunting Gear Should I Get?

Your hunting experience is only as good as your gear, which means you want to invest in the right equipment for your outdoor adventure. To start, you’ll need the right clothing so that you can stay comfortable, dry, and warm even through freezing nights:

  • Jacket
  • Overalls or pants
  • Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Waterproof boots

In your hunting pack, you’ll want to bring:

  • Binoculars
  • Bone saw
  • Firestarters
  • First Aid supplies
  • Bow and arrow, traps, and/or snares
  • Headlamp
  • Water bottle
  • Knives (hunting and survival)
  • GPS, compass, and/or map
  • Cordage

Where to Store Hunting Gear

When you’re back at camp, it’s easy to place all your hunting gear back in your pack until you need it next. But when you get back to your home, your equipment suddenly becomes a dangerous liability, especially if you share your home with young children. You want to be sure that you safely and securely put your hunting gear away when you’re at home or around inexperienced bushcrafters.

It’s recommended that you store your belongings in a climate-controlled area. A designated area like this is critical as it prevents sunlight access and humidity or moisture from building up around your expensive gear, which can otherwise result in mold, discoloration, and warping.