Survival Gear For Cooking in a Survival Situation

The Cooking Essentials For A Survival Situation

Having the proper survival gear is key to preserving your life and the life of your family. Whether you’re trekking forest trails, stranded on the highway, or stuck at home without electricity, food and water are a necessity wherever we are.

While it is easy to become dependent upon modern conveniences such as electricity, running water or natural gas, most people recognize when and if an emergency arises, these conveniences will not be available. This is why it’s important to have the appropriate survival gear.

In 2005 the notorious Hurricane Katrina made landfall and became an illustration as to why it is important for everyone to be prepared in the event of an emergency. This storm caused flooding throughout 80% of New Orleans and left thousands of residents with the need for fresh water and food for weeks to come.

Although you might not live in an area where hurricanes are prevalent, this disaster serves as a reminder that everyone should have some sort of survival gear supply in order to provide for
oneself in the event of an emergency.

Cooking / Hydration 

While it is said within the “Rules of Three’s” that you can survive “3 days without water and 3 weeks without food” no one wants to try. In any type of survival situation, clean drinking water will be your number one priority — hydration is essential.

Having the proper survival gear or ‘ container’ to boil water in is of utmost importance. Water is a priority for survival.

This is why we developed  The Pathfinder Canteen Cooking SetIt serves as an essential piece of survival gear and an all-around hydration and cooking container. Made from rugged 304 stainless steel, this container can withstand direct fire for boiling/disinfecting water and cooking. It also comes with a cup and compact stove, making it a convenient all-in-one package.

Another great feature of this piece of survival gear is its wide mouth design. This unique feature allows the user to gather water from even the shallowest of water sources and makes for easy drinking or pouring.

Another popular product that can be used for the same purpose is our  GEN3 Pathfinder Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Bottle & Nesting Cup. This bottle set is also made from 304 stainless steel and can stand up to direct fire.

We have incorporated features that include both a cup and stove, making the GEN3 Bottle & Nesting Cup a complete all-in-one cooking/boiling package.

Cooking Kits

For those who want a complete cooking kit that will include what we believe to be the most important survival gear for hydration or cooking, we have put together the  Campfire Cooking Survival Kit and The Stainless Steel Bottle Cooking Kit. These kits can be added to a wilderness survival kit, preexisting bug-out bag, or placed in your trunk in case of an emergency.

Survival Food Kits

While not everyone may want to stockpile large quantities of food, it is necessary to have some pre-packaged and easy to fix meals in your survival gear.  The Outdoor Trail and Pathfinder Wilderness Rations provide a variety of tasty survival foods in pre-measured packages, making them convenient to store in any survival kit. Each package is one serving and all you need to do is just add water.

When considering the survival gear needed to cook with, you may also want to consider the  Klean Kanteen 16oz stainless steel food canister. These handy containers are the perfect solution for cooking pre-packaged meals over a fire.

Fire Starting

While adequate hydration and cooking essentials are part of preparing for an emergency, you must also include a way to start a fire. Fire will provide the means to boil water, cook your food and maintain core body temperature. While assembling your survival gear, remember to include more than just one means of  fire starting.

Including survival gear such as  The Pathfinder Survival Fire Steel and The Mini Inferno on your gear list will insure you can have a warm fire anytime, every time.

Preparedness may not seem like a priority to some — but it should be. Having the right survival gear  when you need it can save valuable time and energy when in a survival situation. Choose your camping gear and start getting prepared today!

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