Survival Knife - How to Carry Everyday

How to Carry your Survival Knife Everyday

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A survival knife has more uses in your everyday life than you might think. They are great for emergency situations as well as simple tasks, like quickly cutting rope. To properly carry your survival knife as a part of your everyday routine, you will want to have knowledge on the various ways to safely carry one. So, in this post, we will cover the most popular and safe ways to make your survival knife a part of your EDC (every day carry).


You must read and understand local laws to be sure that you are allowed to carry a concealed knife, or otherwise, in your area. Some states and localities will present various restrictions on things like fixed blades and blade lengths. If ignored these restrictions could come with a stiff penalty.

Leather Belt Sheath

Your belt is such a convenient place to carry a weapon because it is close to where your arms fall.

Maybe the oldest style sheath of them all is the leather sheath. This leather sheath will protect you from the survival knife blade while it hangs by your side. This is very important because a sharp, uncovered, blade around your groin or femoral artery is not a good move.

Most leather belt sheaths will slide onto your belt and you will have to take the belt off to remove the sheath. This is a very reliable option; and will make it difficult to lose your survival knife. They often have a button and leather strap that holds the knife in place. This provides safety and security for not only you but those around you, while you carry.

Kydex Belt Sheath

Survival Knife Kydex Sheath

The modern belt sheath is constructed using kydex. This plastic material is the exact material used on many gun holsters. Many survivalists who carry on a daily basis are fond of kydex for many reasons. When a kydex sheath is designed for a specific survival knife, it creates the ultimate snug fit. You could roll down a hill and that knife won’t shake loose.

The Kydex sheath will often clip onto your belt so you can remove it at any time for convenience. They are sleek and protect both the blade of your survival knife and the wearer.

Boot Sheath

If you are not interested in carrying on your belt, maybe you have a gun there already, you can consider the boot sheath. A boot knife can be very effective and in the world of EDC, it makes sense to have this option if you are in a business setting.

We all understand the inherent risks of active shooter situations. Carrying a knife may give you peace of mind but it might make your coworkers uncomfortable to see your survival knife every time you take your sports coat off.

Instead, you have the options to carry on your ankle or even in the boot itself. The boot option will keep you feeling protected and your coworkers at ease.


Perhaps your survival knife finds a home in the bag you carry each day or your EDC bag. Backpacks can be a great place to store your survival knife if you do not need to access it often. However, if you cannot access the knife quickly in an emergency, then it might not be the best option.

Neck Knife

As of late, there has been a rise in the popularity of the neck knife. This is a sheath that is worn on a necklace or chain around the neck. The access is very convenient, but it is not as secure as a belt sheath. If you aren’t very active in your everyday lifestyle but still need ready access to your survival knife, you might find it’s just what you are looking for. 


Of the many ways that you can carry a survival knife, there will be one method that fits your lifestyle best. Experiment with the many ways to carry your knife until you find your go-to method. Carrying your knife is a great addition to your daily routine, as long as its legal to do so. Carrying a survival knife is not about paranoia. It's about readiness and the lifestyle you choose to lead.

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  • Great tips and advice. I live on the streets in South Africa and have carried a knife my whole life. As much is said about choosing the “right” knife, or sheath for it, to me it is most important that one learns how to use it, especially in self defense. A knife is a go to weapon for many people and for good measure, it is downright intimidating and dangerous and quicker to use over a short distance than a firearm. I am grateful for my training as I was attacked by 2 armed assailants not too long ago and was able to suppress the attack with a knife. Being alert and trained in utilizing your blade as a weapon is key to survival.

    - Homeless Man

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