Why the “One Tool Option”?

Why the “One Tool Option”?

The One Tool Option could mean many things to many different mind sets, and I would like to share my point of view on the much debated topic.

The OTO is a bit of hypothetical worst case scenario option for the person to choose a single blade for the outdoors.

It is a very broad statement implying that if you only had to choose one cutting tool it would be able to preform most cutting tasks on a respectable level without fail.It also depends on the geographic location of the user and possibly the places that he or she will operate in.

We have certain requirements in our Pathfinder System to help you make that decision and you decide what knife fits your personal needs and spending limitations. We feel that if you hit all these requirements no matter what blade you choose, it will most likely be a sound investment.

Choosing only one knife is a lot like an outdoorsman choosing one caliber of firearm to harvest everything from red squirrel to elk! It is a very broad and unrealistic scenario sometimes but it MAY be the situation you find yourself in.Lets face it, to become better prepared in situations means putting ourselves in awkward training scenarios and working through any equipment failures and learning how to get the most out of the tools we choose to carry.

In my area a small Scandinavian axe would be a great choice for the times I leave the concrete and dirt roads, but not too practical in the way that I would want to carry it every day on my side.This is one of the tools in my car kit that I have as if I were to travel out to the bush I will have it at that time of circumstance.

The 6″ blade and thick blade profile of my Phantom or Plsk1 is a better choice for a sling bag or small pouch that I carry everyday. Its not a huge blade and not a chore to heft around.

My personal experiences had shown me that a blade of this size is just about perfect for me to process larger pieces of wood and also have the capabilities of carving a fine fishhook along the stream.

My advice to you all who read this is to take in the validity of the few blade credentials that we imply and for you to choose yourself what is best for you….and then USE IT FOR EVERYTHING. Use it for everything until you find something that it falls short of your expectations. Only them will you be able to see if you made the right choice.


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