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The Top 10 Tastiest Bugs To Dine On [ Part 2 ]

(“The Top 10 Tastiest Bugs to Dine On” is a 2-part series. To begin at Part 1, click here. )

6. Locusts – Mentioned in the bible and considered a ‘kosher’ snack, locusts have been eaten for millenniums. With robust bodies providing plenty to nibble on, the locusts make for a premium survival fare. Stir-fried, boiled or dried, locusts can be prepared in a variety of ways. Rich in protein, zinc and iron, locusts are also a premium source of nutrients.

7. Dragonfly – Often plentiful around bodies of water, dragonflies can be eaten as adults or in larval form. Boiled or fried the dragonfly makes for a delightful dish no matter how it is cooked.

8. Waxworm – As the larvae of the wax moth (the beekeepers nemeses), waxworms offer a nutty flavor. Roasted or sautéed, the waxworm can be the means to a tasty meal. And if you can’t stand the thought of eating a waxworm, bait your hook with it — fish delight in them.

9. Sowbugs – Also known as ‘rolly pollies’ or ‘land shrimp’ these small bugs usually make their home in rotten wood or in the damp soil under rocks. Much like a small crustacean if toasted the sowbug can be eaten crispy, or you can eat them fresh if you prefer.

10. Termites – While mostly thought of as pesky eaters of wood, termites can also be a source of survival food. Their high oil content provides a nutty flavor and they offer a valuable source of protein, essential amino acids and fat. Toasted in a hot pan, baked or boiled termites make for a delectable meal.


While not everyone cares for the thought of indulging in entomorphagy (the eating of insects), bugs are a prolific source of protein and essential vitamins. When in a survival situation these bugs can make for some fantastic snacking along with containing the vital nutrients that could save your life.

The only caveat to bug ingestion is those who suffer from shellfish allergies should avoid bugs for dinner. You also want to be careful if gathering bugs from areas where insecticides or pesticides may have been applied.

And how can you know what bugs are okay to eat. Simply follow this rule, “If it’s green or brown, toss it down. Red, orange or yellow, forgo that fellow.”

Preparing for a survival situation requires knowing and understanding your environment, that’s why Self Reliance Outfitters suggests adding Pathfinder Waterproof Outdoor Guides to your arsenal of survival gear.

Have fun, be safe, and don’t pass up that grasshopper.

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