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The Best Survival Knife is…

Posted by Self Reliance Outfitters on January 21, 2014  

The best survival knife is a knife that is durable, comfortable, and has been built to withstand any self-reliance situation. While a good survival knife should meet certain criteria, eventually it all comes down to quality and preference. If you asked every experienced survivalist in the world what the best survival knife is, you will get several answers. There is not one specific knife that is perfect for everyone. You need to find the knife that best fits you.


survival knife that is heavy-duty and durable is going to be your best bet. You need a knife that can handle anything; such as splitting wood, skinning animals, and a host of other tasks. The knife has to be able to take a beating and stay useful. This means a fixed blade knife with a full metal tang would be best.

Do some research on the knives that you are considering, and find out what they are made from and what that type of material can withstand. There are several companies that make quality survival knives that are known to hold an edge and be almost indestructible. Talk to survival knife experts and find out what they use. Everything you learn will help you find the right knife.


Many people argue over the best option for a survival knife: a serrated edge or a straight edge. A serrated edge will allow you to saw through certain materials faster than a straight edge, but when a serrated edge gets dull, it is difficult to sharpen. A straight edge cuts great when sharp, and it can be better for things like batoning. One plus that a straight edge blade has over a serrated edge is that it can be sharpened with a portable sharpener.


The size of your survival knife does matter. You don’t want to be stuck with a knife that is too small or too big. Too big, and you will have trouble doing things like skinning game or delicate carving. If you choose too small of a survival knife, you may have trouble splitting wood and building a shelter. Try to find a knife with a blade between five to seven inches. This is a common size for many survival knives. You can probably go a little smaller if you have to, but try not to go any bigger. You need to find a knife that you are both comfortable working with and that can help you accomplish everything you need to.

The best survival knife is one that has been designed with your life in mind. If you can’t trust your life with it, then it’s not the best.

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