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Survival Knife Review: Chris Caine Rosewood Knife

Posted by Arti Sh on June 20, 2014  

If you’re not familiar with the Chris Caine Survival Knife, you should be. You may even ask, “Who is Chris Caine?”

Chris Caine is a survival instructor living in the United Kingdom. He is also a consultant on survival related topics and has been featured in national newspapers and on national television.

Starting around the age of seven, Caine immersed himself in survival training. Caine was also granted the privilege of having a father who was a survival expert with the British Special Forces. Combining his own personal interest with his father’s professional training, Caine developed an uncanny ability to live off the land.

Through years of training, practical application, and the chance to meet John “Lofty” Wiseman; who is regarded as the Godfather of Survival Training, Caine has been able to develop and design an array of high-quality survival knives based upon his years of experience.

The Chris Caine Survival Knife

Self Reliance Outfitters is proud to present one of the finest knives we have ever reviewed. The Chris Caine Survival Knife has passed our extensive testing and is more than adequate for all your survival needs.

We believe the Chris Caine Survival Knife can meet the demands of any environment and is a knife you can stake your life on.

Carbon Steel Blade

The blade of the Chris Caine Survival Knife is made from carbon steel. Allowing for optimum strength, weight and balance, the 5mm thick blade provides the best of all worlds. The knife features a 90-degree spine and can be used with both flint and ferro rods.

Razor sharp right out of the box, this blade has qualities that give it both an edge and endurance. The Chris Caine Survival Knife comes with a convex grind and guarantees an edge when carving, cutting or slicing.

The blade of the Chris Caine Survival Knife is unique in that it features a butcher knife design with a deep belly. The blade also includes a sharp flat for carving and is ideal when working on more detailed projects.

Full Tang

As is recommended in our Pathfinder Classes, the Chris Caine Survival Knife is full tang construction. Meaning, the blade is one solid piece of carbon steel from the point of the blade all the way through the handle. This insures the knife is rugged and will not fail under extreme use.

This knife had no problems when batoning hardwood and even stood up to being abused beyond normal. Without question — this knife is stout.

Leather Sheath

The Chris Caine Survival Knife comes with a custom fitted full leather sheath. One of the unique features of the sheath is its security flap. This snap-over flap design prevents the knife from accidently falling out of the sheath. This is a great feature to have on any knife sheath. The flap design is just one more example of the thought that has gone into the overall knife and sheath design.

Made in Sheffield, England 

For centuries, Sheffield, England has been known as the home of quality knife makers. From 18th century, knives shipped to the American frontier to modern survival knives, such as theChris Caine Survival Knife, Sheffield carries on the tradition of quality.

The Chris Caine Survival Knife is handcrafted by Samuel Staniforth Ltd of Sheffield, England and maintains the acclaimed prestige of only producing utmost quality.

Chris Caine Survival Knife Specs:

  • Overall Length: 9.5″ (23cm)
  • Blade Length: 4.5″ (12cm)
  • Blade Thickness: 5mm (13/64 inches)
  • Metal: 75 Carbon Steel (Rockwell 56/58)
  • Handle: Rosewood
  • Spine:  90 degrees
  • Weight: 9oz (250g) – 11.4 oz with sheath

The Chris Caine Survival Knife offers optimum features, is dependable, and won’t break the bank.

When facing the worst-case scenario, you need a top quality survival knife. For more survival knife options, feel free to browse our vast collection of survival knives and find the right one for you.

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