More than survival training

More than survival training

I consider myself as “always searching”

Personally it took many years of solo woodland treks to be able to find some of my long awaited answers.

With the help of a few rather great mentors that I had the pleasure of learning from, I soon came to the realization that if I needed something, nature could provide. I am not saying there is a place to travel that has the elusive money tree to pay my mortgage, or have the fountain of youth to retain my ability to cheat death, BUT if you went into the woods and learned how to clear your mind from the city “buzz” left behind you may have insight on your next and possible most important step you ever made in your life to date!

It takes small progressive steps.

If you ever went out on a rather rushed overnight camping trip or weekend camp and found yourself sitting around the fire with the overwhelming sense of urgency to leave and go back home to work on chores or accomplish tasks that can not be handled in the woods…you might as well pack up and leave.

You must learn to leave these thoughts behind for the moment.

It takes me a few days to loose the “buzz” as I call it. The buzz is the background sounds of vehicles modern sounds of the city and not natural occurring noises.

When I take friends into the woods who wish to connect nature at a higher level of consciousness, they soon realize that they also become closer with the natural world occurring around them. It takes some guidance to walk them through the process of simply being able to sit as still as possible and to just observe nature. The quite solstice of the woodlands can be a great place to gain knowledge. You can learn from everything from a grasshopper positioning himself in the sunlight on the barren ground to the young kit fox prancing through the meadow grasses.

When we lock into and focus on what is happening at the place we are interacting with NOW and at that particular TIME on the Earth where you sit, you soon realize that your thoughts of being somewhere else becomes very irrelevant to the teaching you are about to encounter.

I found that some the smallest of wilderness lessons have a close relationship to the larger issues happening at my life at that particular time. If I were to take a few extra moments to reflect on how I can better position myself on my current life path and to utilize the subtle lessons that I had learned from nature, I would most likely come out far ahead of the curve in becoming more enlightened within the place i reside and can make a positive influence.

Always a student

Always willing to share a campfire


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