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How to Make Survival Kit MRE’s

There are many different things that can go into a survival kit. One of those things is food. When looking for the right kind of food to put into a survival kit, you may consider adding some MRE meals. Adding MRE meals to your survival kit will ensure that you have a basic food supply with you in a very compact package. MRE meals last a long time and are easily prepared. They are the ideal food for any type of survival kit. There are many different kinds of MRE meals produced by several different companies that would be fine for a survival kit, but you can always make your own.


While there are several kinds of MRE’s that are premade and prepackaged, you always have the option to put together your own. Any of these are great for a survival kit. For breakfast, there are a few great options. The first one is oatmeal. Oatmeal can be found in small pouches and only needs hot water to be made. It is a great choice. If you are on the move, you can use quality protein bars, or cereal bars. These are great for walking or hiking and eating. Whatever you choose for breakfast, you can also add a coffee single packet. These packets look like teabags and will give you a good, hot cup of coffee in the morning. If you are a tea drinker, pack some tea bags. They are lightweight and easy to prepare. 


There are also a couple of different options for lunch. You can make some Ramen soup, which only needs hot water. Also, you can choose Spam. There are Spam Singles that are packaged in a bag and easy to carry. If you don’t like Spam, put in some quality protein like tuna or other meat that is packaged in a tin so the life span is longer.


For dinner, there are all kinds of easily made foods that only need hot water. Some choices are instant potatoes or certain kinds of pasta. Look around your grocery store and find items packaged in a bag that don’t weigh much and that only need hot water for preparation.


Snacks are the easiest survival kit food to find. You can get all kinds of trail mix and nuts that will travel well and give you plenty of nutritional value. There are also protein bars and granola bars that are good for eating on the go and are full of nutrients. Beef jerky or any kind of jerky is a great item to have. It is usually already packaged in a smart way and will fit right into your survival kit.


No matter what homemade MRE you put in your survival kit, you should seal them in a plastic bag. Make sure to get all the air out of the bag so that they are not bulky when carrying them. If you have items that come in boxes transfer them to some kind of watertight bag. That way they are easier to carry and will not get ruined if they get wet.

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