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Emergency Communications for Your Survival Kit

Posted by Self Reliance Outfitters on January 07, 2014  

Putting emergency communications devices into your survival kit is a good idea. If you have an emergency communication device, you can have a means of contacting someone to come and help you. Having a way to contact someone in a survival situation is extremely important. You should try to fit some kind of communication device in your survival kit no matter what kind of kit you are putting together. Emergency communication is especially important if you plan to be in a remote area where the possibility for something to go wrong is even greater.


A SPOT satellite messenger is a handy device when you get into a tough situation. The SPOT is useful because it sends out emergency signals, update messages, and your location to whoever you choose to get the messages. Although the device can send out these messages, it cannot receive anything. The only downside to the device is a monthly fee for the network service. If you don’t mind using technology, consider this as an option for your survival kit.


An emergency reflective blanket is commonly used to keep people warm in a self-reliance situation, but it can also be used as a communications device. If you are in a survival situation at night and need to signal to someone, you can turn the reflective blanket towards the direction that you would like to signal and then point a light source into the blanket. This will enlarge your light source, giving you a better chance of alerting people to your presence. Reflective blankets can be folded into a small package and packed into your survival kit easily.


Signal mirrors have been used for a long time as a communication device. Modern signal mirrors are made from material that, if hit by the right kind of light, can be seen for long distances. The idea is that you can reflect light towards whomever you are trying to get their attention. The mirror will project a concentrated beam of light at whatever you want. One of the big plusses of a signal mirror is that they are very inexpensive and do not take up much room in your survival kit. A signal mirror is something you won’t want to be without.


If it is possible, try to include all three communication devices into your survival kit. Having all three items will help increase the chances of you successfully communicating with the people that you need to contact. All three items do not take up much room inside your survival kit, and although the SPOT messenger has an additional expense, the two other items do not. Because these items can be extremely important in a survival situation, you should consider getting all three despite the cost of any of the items.

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