5 Survival Kit Essentials ( 5 C’s )

A survival kit is an essential part of self-reliance. If you’re going out into the wilderness, make sure you’re going prepared with a proper survival kit. Besides packing regular equipment for camping and whatever activities you have planned, you should bring along a survival kit in case something unexpected happens. Sure, you don’t want or expect to get into a life-threatening situation, but anything can happen when you enter the wilderness. Being prepared can be as easy as pulling together essential components for a survival kit.


This is a list of the five absolute must-haves for your survival kit.


This means finding a reliable and sturdy survival knife that you can keep on your person while wandering in the wilderness. You want to obtain a knife with a four to five-inch carbon-steel blade and a flattened back edge. This knife should be able to filet a fish, skin an animal, split kindling and cut through forest and vegetation. This is a must for any survival kit.


Fire is absolutely necessary within your survival kit for when you are stranded and/or lost in the wilderness. Your survival can completely depend on whether you have the capability to create and build a fire. So, pack a fire starter, and maybe even a mini inferno, to make sure you have the tools necessary to get a fire going when you need it.


Anytime you enter the wilderness, your survival kit should contain a cover for an unexpected overnight stay. Cover is something you should bring with you, even if you’re just planning an afternoon hike. Being able to pull out an easily erected shelter can help protect you from rain, cold, and animals. Even something as simple as a tarp that you can throw over some branches will be enough. Modern materials allow for adequate shelter without unnecessary weight in your survival kit.


You’ll need to take water with you, there’s no doubt about that. But the type of container you bring can make all the difference. The best type of container to take with you is a stainless-steel water bottle. Not only is a stainless steel container durable, but it can also be put over the fire to boil water or melt snow to make drinkable water. Containers for water are absolutely essential for any survival kit.


While making rope out of plant materials is definitely possible, you don’t want to waste any time with unnecessary tasks like this. Bringing a strong rope with you can help when making a shelter, setting a trap, or climbing terrain. Paracord works great for this and does not add much bulk to your survival kit.

When putting together a survival kit for your trip into the wild, you need to be sure you’ve included all five of the survival essentials. When everything else fails, these will keep you safe and prepared to handle most events and situations while you’re working to survive

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