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5 Essential Survival Knife Features

Posted by Self Reliance Outfitters on December 30, 2013  

A quality survival knife must to be able to perform dozens of functions. Whether you are batoning wood or preparing a meal, your survival knife has to be able to live up to the demands you place on it. Because your survival knife is one of the most important items that you could possibly have for self-reliance, you need to make sure that it has a few important features.


There are all kinds of knives out there, but you need to find a survival knife that is the right size. When it comes to self-reliance, you do not want to have a blade that is too big and overall cumbersome. Most of the knives that you see on the movies are for show, not self-reliance. Also, you don’t want to get a survival knife that is too small. If the knife is too small you will probably have trouble accomplishing even menial tasks. For most survival situations, you should find a survival knife that has an overall length of around nine to eleven inches. This will give the knife a blade that is roughly five to seven inches long. 


The blade of your knife is by far the most important part. It will be doing the majority of the work and needs to be very strong. A fixed blade knife is going to be best. Folding knives are not as durable or reliable as a fixed blade. The hinge on the blade of a folding knife can break under the stress put on the blade.


In addition to getting a fixed blade survival knife, you should also find a knife that has a full tang. A full tang means that the handle of the knife and the blade are all one piece of steel. This usually means that you can see the metal of the blade extend through the full length of the handle, and the handle grip is attached to either side of the full tang. A survival knife with a full tang is the strongest knife that you can have because it is one solid piece. 


A good survival knife will also only have a sharp edge on one side of the blade. Do not get a knife with a double-edged blade because it will be impossible to perform certain tasks. If the survival knife has only one sharp edge, then the knife can be used to split wood by batoning. Batoning is when you hit the unsharpened edge of the blade with a piece of wood and force the blade through another piece of wood in order to split it.


The handle of your knife needs to be solid. Hollow handled knives are for Hollywood, not self-reliance. You need to find a knife that has a solid handle with a full tang that fits well in your hand.

A survival knife is a tool that, when used correctly, can benefit you in a way that few tools can. When choosing a knife, buy a knife that you believe your life can depend on.

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