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10 Life Lessons Kids Learn From Archery: Part 1

Archery has been a vital part of civilization for millenniums. Originating with our hunter-gatherer ancestors and passed down through time, what was one day a means to provide food and protection for ones family is now a favorite pastime for both young and old.

Whether carved as petroglyphs on the walls of ancient dwellings or viewed worldwide at the Olympics, it’s easy to see archery has been around for a long time along and continues to be a pop culture phenomenon.

Made even more popular by recent Hollywood films, there is little doubt archery is here to stay. This popular activity continues to provide today’s youth with both fun and valuable learning.


Besides the fun of sending arrows downrange into a target, archery is also a teaching tool. Providing life lessons,
archery is far more than ownership of a bow and arrow.

So, what lessons can archery teach kids?


Archery may be considered a sport to most, but to those involved it is a series of precise movements learned by discipline. Archery teaches discipline by demanding proper stance, draw, anchor and release. The archer will quickly learn that with each shot there must be consistency and control. These are required basic fundamentals to make accurate shots.

More than just another sport, the bow and arrow will teach the shooter that being disciplined in small things always leads to greater success downrange.


Much like golf, archery requires mental focus. Learning to block out all other distractions is a must for accuracy. Allowing your mind to stray will mean a stray arrow will follow. Good archers focus on making each shot count. This requires a mind set on making sure of proper form and correct shot execution every time.

In a world full of distractions, archery assists in establishing a laser like focus of the mind.


Archery is about repeating the same mechanics time-after-time. These small details can make all the difference between expertise and mediocrity. Repeatability of your anchor point, sight picture and release are key elements of archery. These may sound simple, but as every archer knows, they require practice.

Getting your kids into archery will help them pay attention to appreciate the small things.


Archers understand that in order to improve, they must be persistent. The muscle memory required to excel will require regular practice. Not every arrow will always be right on target but there’s never room to quit. This is a valuable lesson for any young person to learn.


Hurry is not the archer’s friend. While today’s world may be in a hurry, archery forces the shooter to slow down and follow through. Rushing the shot will usually result in a lack of accuracy.

Learning to patiently shoot one arrow at a time is a lesson that will provide great value for your kids in years to come.


In years past archery might have been a skill meant for survival, but today it is a pastime for all ages. Thanks to technology, online resources, and bow choices, archery skills are more attainable than ever before. Whether 3D archery, backyard shooting or bowhunting, this sport offers something for everyone.

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