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The Pathfinder School Staff




Dave Canterbury

Dave Canterbury
Founder and Co-Owner

Dave Canterbury is an experienced & skilled survivalist, having over 20 years of experience in bush crafting, outdoor self reliance and primitive skills. He founded The Pathfinder School because of his dedication to passing on the "tribal knowledge" of outdoor self reliance and primitive skills to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. Dave firmly believes we can learn from each other and continues to be a student himself. Dave is also very excited that his family is involved in the business with him. As you look through the list of the staff you will see this a true family business.

As a hunting guide, Dave started thinking about what a person should have with them and what they should do in case they became lost or stranded. Through study he developed his methodology for Survival on what he coins the 5C's of Survivability; these are the 5 items that have been used cross culturally from ancient times to affect survival.  Along with methodology and vast experience the Pathfinder System became the foundation for the teachings at The Pathfinder School.

Dave is the Co-Owner & Supervising Instructor of The Pathfinder School in SE Ohio, the United States Premier School for Self Reliance. It has over 1,500 students worldwide, as well as Municipal and State Contracts with West Virginia EMS & Michigan DNR Law Enforcement. Dave also co-owner of Self Reliance Outfitters, author of The Pathfinder System: Survivability For The Common Man, and has posted over 600 YouTube videos on the Pathfinder School, LLC YouTube Channel. 

Dave is a publised writer with articles appearing in Self Reliance Illustrated, and currently writing for American Frontiersman as well as New Pioneer Magazine.  He also serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member of Frontier Christian University for the Wilderness Self Reliance Certificate Program. Also as a accomplished Archer, Dave took 1st Place (Men's Self Bow) in the Traditional Archery Nationals in 2006.

Dave's previous experiences include: Operated a Commerical Reptile Farm, Worked as an Animal Control Officer (State of Florida), Net Diver on Commerical Fishing Vessel (Florida), worked in Auto Industry as a Quality & Production Control Engineer (Six Sigma Black Belt Certification), Self Employed Hunting Guide & Survival Instructor, and is also a US Army Veteran.


Iris Canterbury

Iris Canterbury
School Photographer

Iris Canterbury, Dave's beloved wife, is The Pathfinder School's photographer. Iris shoots all the photos of the classes of the Pathfinder School. She also assists in other various functions at Pathfinder Classes and Special Events.



Jamie L. Burleigh
Pathfinder Instructor

Jamie started teaching Paleolithic and primitive skills at gatherings and events since 1992. Since then he has writes for numerous outdoor magazines and periodicals about everything from flint knapping to survival skills. To date his book on How to Build a Primitive Bow is in its third printing. Jamie has also designed a basic wilderness survival and outdoor awareness class that he teaches to the Boy Scout Troops in many different states and in Canada. In 2012, he developed an outdoor program for middle school students in the St. Clair County school district, a first of its kind. Jamie also teaches students, volunteers, and home schooled students at his local nature center and Port Huron area hikers club and adventure group. Today he travels and teaches at a few key institutes and outdoor schools. He is also the only non-aborignal member on the IICCT (Indigenous Institute for Cross-Cultural Training) Council in Bothwell, Ontario.

At an early age he sought out and researched a wide variety of indigenous lifestyle skills and mixed in some back woods wisdom along with common sense to achieve some very down to earth understandings about the wild places he resides.His passions and life work will continue to be learning  and sharing his expedites through writing and passing on his knowledge to anyone who will share a campfire with him.He will continue being a PERMANENT fixture at The Pathfinder school.



Jason Hunt
Coordinating Manager & Instructor
Phase 1 & 2 Instructor

Jason grew up in the outdoors of Southern Indiana engaging almost daily in what nature provided as a playground. From hunting, fishing and camping with his parents to building debris shelters and climbing and making obstacle courses in the rock quarries Jason spent a lot of time in the woods. But it wasn't until after a ten year stint as a pastor that he felt God call him back into the woods for what would be perhaps the greatest adventure of his life.

Jason first received his training in survival from civilian and military experts by way of his martial arts experience which spans thirty years. Those skills coupled with those taught to him by his father helped him get started in The Pathfinder System on the right foot. Jason is the author of Pathfinder Wilderness First Aid in addition to a dozen other titles. He's a contributor to several magazines and is a weekly co-host on Pathfinder TV. He holds degrees in church ministry and recreation ministry with doctoral degrees in Theology and Outdoor Ministry Leadership. He's currently working on his Master Instructor (Phase 3) certification.



Tony Daniel

Tony and his wife Becky have been married for 12 years and live in Chesterfield, Va. Tony grew up fishing fresh and salt water in Virginia and North Carolina, always enjoying the outdoors hiking, camping, skiing etc. but mainly focusing on fishing. In the fall on 2010 he completed Pathfinder Advanced training in South Carolina. In October of 2011 he completed Pathfinder Advanced training in Florida everglades. Tony was a camera man/support for three SAN shoots at the Pathfinder School. He has taught at many classes and 2 Pathfinder Gatherings. In September 2012 completed the Trappers College by Fur Takers of America with and Expert Certificate. Currently he is employed full time at a chemical factory, serves as the Secretary of the National Pathfinder Youth Organization, and is on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Trappers Association.



Joe Kellam

Joe has been instructing for The Pathfinder School since 2010 at Advanced and Scout classes as well as serving as a board member and leader for the Hillsdale MI chapter of the NYPO.

Joe Kellam has been a lifelong student of the outdoors. He grew up on a farm in rural Michigan and is still on the same property. He has hunted and trapped all of his life and enjoys traditional archery and muzzle-loading with a flintlock. Joe is a graduate of the Fur Takers of America Trappers College and Board Member of the Sauk Trail Long Rifles

Joe is a Marine Corps veteran and currently a DNR law enforcement supervisor. He is also a Tactical Tracking Instructor for Military, Law Enforcement and SAR contracts.  Joe is a wilderness skills instructor for the State of  Michigan and studies animal tracking and behavior as it relates to outdoor science.



Jonathan McCord

Jonathan is an eight-year Navy Corpsman veteran with the majority of his time with the Fleet Marine Force.  He currently is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at a level 1-trauma center that covers a five state region in Seattle, WA.  He is CPR and ACLS certified and has completed NOLS WMI’s Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals and is a Wilderness First Responder.    

He has successfully completed Pathfinder Phase 1 and 2, Hudson Bay Trapping class, Advanced Survival class, and is nearly done with Pathfinder Phase 3.  He is a P.A.D.I. Master Diver with 17 years dive experience.  Jonathan has graduated from Front Sight’s handgun, rifle and shotgun courses, as well as Onpoint Tactical’s Urban Escape and Evasion course (Portland, OR). He currently holds an amateur radio technician class license.  He plans to attend the winter course at Karamat Wilderness Ways with Mors Kochanski in February 2014.  He enjoys kayak fishing and archery hunting with a Hickory self-bow as well as hobby farming both plants and animal—his favorite being pigs and dried beans—for increased self-reliance.  He is also a writer for SRI magazine. You can check out his YouTube channel out at:



Brian Hopkins

Brian and his wife Renee have been married for 10 years and live in Ontario, Ohio.  His hobbies include gardening, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, archery, firearms, and reloading.

Brian has an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Central State College.  He grew up in Southwest Va and North Carolina, where his love of the outdoors developed.  Brian appeared in the Survival Adventure Network "Shopping Spree" episode in 2012 and became compelled to learn and become more involved with The Pathfinder School. 

In late 2012, Brian and wife Renee started the Richland County Ohio Chapter of the National Pathfinder Youth Organization.  Brian currently serves on the board as Secretary of The National Pathfinder Youth Organization and works full time in Facilities Management. In August of 2013, Brian completed Pathfinder Advanced training in Ohio. Brian plans on continuing his learning through The Pathfinder School and becoming a Master Instructor.



Kevin Baxter

Kevin was born and raised in southern Indiana and began running the woods at a young age. Hunting, fishing, trapping and camping were his pursuits until joining the Navy right out of High school. After a career in the Navy SEABEES where he did construction ranging from the most primitive to the most advanced. He retired from the military under the TERA program in 1995. He is also a leader in the BSA in three programs with 4 different Scout Units and a Merit Badge Counselor for several different merit badges.

He is a certified NRA Instructor in several disciplines. A certified Indiana Master Gardner , completed Indiana Master Naturalist course of Instruction. SSCI certified Advanced open water diver with specialties in Cave/cavern Diving, Underwater navigation, Stress and Rescue, Drysuit and Wreck/Recovery  Diving.  He also completed SSCI Dive Control Specialist training but due to an accelerated deployment schedule was not able to take the final written exam. WFA and CPR certified and also certified as a WFA Instructor. 

After attending many classes at the Pathfinder School, volunteering as class help and instructor assistant, he was named as an official Pathfinder Instructor at the 2014 Pathfinder Gathering. After retirement from his day job in a few years he hopes to be in the field full time passing on outdoor skills.



 Scotty Kinder

Scotty grew up in the coal fields of southern West Virginia. At an early age he began hunting with his Dad and uncles. It didn't take him long to become obsessed with the outdoors and survival type skills. Scotty credits his family for getting him off to a good start in the outdoors, but it was his discovery of Dave Canterbury and the Pathfinder System that helped him take it to the next level.

Scotty still lives and works in West Virginia as a coal miner. He and his wife Valorie have three kids. They continue to pass down the skills and knowledge that they have learned throughout the years to their children.



Matt Mahoney

I have lived in southern Ohio my entire life. Currently a lineman apprentice with the city of Jackson.  I began my journey into Self Reliance and The Pathfinder System in 2013. I have completed all patched Programs Currently offered at The Pathfinder School as well as Wilderness First Aid. My involvement with The Pathfinder School had encouraged me to volunteer my services for over a year assisting Dave Canterbury and his staff. I am now an instructor and very eager to pass on any knowledge that I can. I am also furthering my own skills base to further assist in more advanced classes and programs as well as adding to my own.

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