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Q. Will Kydex harm my gun or knife.

A. Kydex is a plastic which can, and will wear the finish off your gun or knife after repeated use. Typically, you will see wear on guns when it has a special finish on it such as saphire, etc. If your gun is Duracoated, Cerakoted, or painted, you will see wear faster than normal. Parkerized finishes seem to last longer. As far as knives goes, it will eventually wear the bluing off. Truth is, even a leather holster or knife sheath will show wear after time. 


Q. Will Kydex break?

A. Typically, no. However, if you abuse it in a manner it was not designed to handle, sure, it will break or lose its shape.


 Q. Why choose Kydex over leather or other materials.

A. Kydex is a hard plastic and requires little or no maintenance. Under normal conditions, Kydex will not wear out like leather, nylon, or other materials. In addition, kydex can be molded to fit almost anything. For the most part, kydex is safer than leather. Over time, leather sheaths will wear out and you can cut through them potentially causing a medical emergency or survival situation. When kydex gets dirty, simply was it off / out with water, and let air dry. Leather will rot over time and if you have your knife in a leather sheath and the sheath gets wet, your high carbon steel knife will rust. 


 Q. Why are Kydex sheaths and holsters expensive?

A.  Kydex material is not expensive. You are paying for the experience of the craftsman making your item. Not to mention, we have some hi-tech equipment that we make the products on. 


 Q. I don’t see my knife listed on your website. Can you make a sheath for it?

A. Yes. However, you will have to send it in. Typically, turnaround time is about 2-3 days once we receive it. The process is simple. You will ship us the knife with your contact information, along with what you want, and we will contact you when it is done for payment and shipment information. If you are in the Indianapolis, IN area, we can make kydex  sheaths on-site. It normally takes about 1-3 hours. We are open 9-5 Monday - Friday to make kydex sheaths, etc. We do not take orders for the same day after 3pm. You can bring your knife in and we can make it for the next day pickup. 


 Q. I don’t see my gun listed on your website. Can you make a holster for it?

A.  More than likely, yes. If you are local, then simply bring your gun in and we will mold it. For those of you who are not local, contact us and if we can find a molding gun, we will get one and make you a holster. If you are in the Indianapolis, IN area, we can make kydex holsters on-site. It normally takes about 1-3 hours. We do not take kydex jobs after 3pm for the same day. Since we do not have an FFL, you will need to remain on the premises until your holster is done. Unless of course, we have the molding gun in stock. You can contact us to find out what guns we have molding guns for. 


Q. I don’t see my magazine for my semi-auto pistol. Can you make a mag pouch for it?

A. Yes. That is, if we can find it and order it and then make you one. Simply contact us about how to go about getting the process going. If you are local, bring your mag(s) in and we will make you a kydex mag pouch.



NEVER leave your sheath or holster on your dashboard or in other extreme heat conditions as you might see the sheath or holster deform. 

We strongly recommend that you apply Loctite to all screws on your sheaths, holsters, and accessories. Self Reliance Outfitters is not responsible for the loss of your screws, posts, knives, guns, or any other tools.

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