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Survival Tarps, Poncho Tarps & Bushcraft Tarps

Survival Tarps

If you can’t protect yourself from heavy rain in the wilderness, you won’t want to be outdoors for long. That’s why a tarp shelter is a must-have for any survival kit.

A good survival tarp will keep you dry when it’s raining or sleeting. It will also keep your firewood and gear from getting wet in the woods.

At Self Reliance Outfitters, we offer a variety of excellent-quality tarps, ponchos, and other gear to help you stay warm, dry, and out in the field for as long as you want.

What Is the Best Tarp for Survival?

Oilcloth and nylon are both excellent options. Oilcloth tarps are long-lasting and naturally resistant to water. The Oilskin Tarp from Bushcraft Spain comes with 19 tie-down loops and central reinforcements at the ridge line.

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It can handle rain, snow, and frost. It’s a good option for harsh weather — if you can handle the weight when hiking.

A nylon tarp isn't as heavy, but it's just as effective at shielding you from wind and rain.

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If you’re planning to trek between camps, one of these ultralight tarps is a better option than an oilcloth.

What Is a Good Size Tarp to Use for a Survival Shelter?

A 9’ x 9’ tarp provides the ideal level of coverage for you and your gear, protecting you from changing elements like sun or rain.

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Solutions like the 7’ 8” x 7’ 8” nylon Pathfinder tarps are also perfect as a shelter for sleeping and staying warm. The larger dimensions work well against harsher conditions like wind storms.

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They’re compact, so they’re easy to carry on camping trips. And with 19 tie-downs, you can create any configuration you want.

This lightweight tarp is a good choice for dealing with whatever nature throws your way. Combine it with the Pathfinder Belmont Blanket and you’ll retain your body heat and stay comfortable in almost any environment.

Is a Poncho Good in a Rain Storm?

Yes, a poncho is great for rain when you can’t stay dry in your tent. A poncho covers you, your clothing, and the gear you’re carrying — keeping your backpack and body dry while you’re on the move. Because ponchos are so light, you can easily fold one up and store it in your pack without taking up much space.

What Does the Pathfinder Emergency Shelter Kit Include?

With the emergency shelter kit, you’ll have everything you need to weather the elements: an all-weather blanket that doubles as a tarp, tent stakes, 550 paracord, and 100 feet of bank line.

What Do You Need to Set Up a Camping Tarp?

You can set up a basic tarp with some rope, four stakes, and two trees — or another type of stabilizing structure — to hitch your rope. That’s all you need for a simple fly tarp for shade or for an A-frame shelter for sleeping.

Be Ready for Anything with a Survival Tarp from Self Reliance Outfitters

From building a roof over your head for the night to simply blocking out the wind for a spell: You know you’re ready for anything with the tarps, ponchos, and other survival essentials from the bushcraft experts at Self Reliance Outfitters.

Contact us today if you have questions about our outdoor cookware, survival gear, hunting gear, or wilderness classes.

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