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Discover the age-old art of hide tanning in our hands-on Hide Tanning Class. Learn to transform animal skins into crafting materials using minimal equipment. We provide all tools and a randomly-drawn fur. Master both chemical and brain tanning techniques for practical, personal use. Join us in preserving and honoring this ancient skill!

Student Max: 12 Student

Class Length: 4 days

Includes FREE Cabin Rental

Equipment to be available:         

  • “Green” fur per student
  • Fleshing beams
  • Fleshing knives/scrapers
  • Stretchers
  • Tanning solution Fur combs
  • Sisal rope Deerhide Pig Brains
  • Buckets for cleaning/washing Degreasing detergent (Dawn)

Student Gear:

  • Personal Items
  • Small Sharp Knife
  • Snacks/Water Canteen


Class Flow

Day 1

0800-0900 - Meet up, welcome and intro

0900-1200 – Fur lotto, Fleshing/Washing/Stretching

1200-1230 – Lunch

1230 – 1300 – Fur (Hair On) vs Buckskin/Leather (Hair Off) discussion

1300- 1600 – Deer Hide Fleshing and Dehairing soak (Wood ash or bleach etc.)

1600- 1700 – Equipment and work area clean up

1700-1800 – Salting/Pickling discussion (when and why)

End of Day

Day 2

0800-0900 – Tanning methods (chemical, egg, brain, bark/veg) 0900-0930 – Fur storage (pre and post tan)

0930 –1000 – Stretched Fur assessment (degrease if necessary/tan if ready)

1000-1100 – Deer Hide Stretcher Construction

1100-1300 – De-hairing and stretching deer hide

1300-1330 – Lunch

1330-1430 – Care of Fur post tan

1430-1600 – Identifying problems/when to abandon a hide

1600-1700 – Hide thinning how and why

1700-1800 – Equipment and workspace clean up

End of Day

Day 3

0800-0900 – Marketing Furs

0900-1000 – Stretched fur assessment (Tan if ready/turn tanned furs)

1000 -1200 – prepare Brain tan solution and apply to deer hide

1200-1230 – Lunch

1230-1330 – Fur Grading Basics

1330-1500 – crafting with fur and buckskin (basic stitching techniques)

1500-End of Day – Continue work on existing furs/clean up

End of Day

Day 4

0800-1100 – stretching/breaking of furs and buckskin

1100-1200 – buckskin lotto and parting instructions for unfinished furs/hide


Due to property insurance restrictions: There will be NO camping on the school property prior to the start of the class or after the class concludes. 

Cancellation Policy - Click Here

About our School:

  • Fully Insured
  • Red Cross Certified Training Facility
  • EMT’s and Paramedic’s on Staff
  • AED on Location 
  • Epinephrine on Location
  • Instructors are CPR and Wilderness First Aid Red Cross Certified 
  • Low Student to Instructor to create a Pedagogy learning environment. 
  • Most Instructors either former Military, EMS, or LE
  • Lead Instructor is NASAR Advanced Search and Rescue Certified 
  • Dave Canterbury is Certified Expert Trapper by Fur Takers of America and a Certified Intermediate Herbalist by the Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences
  • All Instructors are equipped and licensed in HAM radio as well as PLB SAT comes for emergency communications away from classroom area.
  • Training area is over 4500 Forested Acres 

    Please make sure you take all gear with you at the end of the class. If gear is left behind, we will not be able to ship it to you, and will be considered abandoned. Minimum age 16 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult student registered for this class.

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