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Council Tool Axes and Hatchets

Council Tool Axes and Hatches

Council Tool has been crafting professional-grade work tools for over a century. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy American-made axe — for cutting firewood, cleaning brush, carving logs, or other types of wood craft — you can’t go wrong with Council axes and hatches.

Where Are Council Tools Made?

Council Tool axes and hatches are made in North Carolina, supporting customers’ local economy. All the materials, from the fiberglass to the Appalachian hickory, are grown or manufactured in the USA.

What Type of Axe Is Best for Survival?

When in the wilderness, you’ll appreciate a thinner axe head, which is easier to use for carving, cutting, and chopping firewood. The Wood-Craft Pack Axe - 19” is made from heat-treated steel and is small enough carry when hiking or camping. It has a sharp blade and a sturdy hickory handle, so you’ll have no problem using this axe for bushcrafting. 

Hatchets are also excellent for cutting wood for a fire or building a shelter. There’s nothing like a hand-sharpened hatchet — made in the USA — when roughing it for days on end. The 1.75 lb Camp Hatchet from Council Tools has a curved handle for a strong grip and a Dayton axe head.

How Do You Know What Size Council Tool Hatchet to Buy?

If you’re looking for a tool to chop wood, you’ll want an axe with a longer handle, such as the Wood-Craft Pack Axe - 24”. The longer handle on the Axe - 24” creates more momentum with every swing, enhancing your speed and power. Medium and smaller wood-cutting tools with shorter handles are better for camping because they’re more versatile.

Buy a Council Tool Axe from Self Reliance Outfitters

Made in the USA and designed for hardcore use: You can’t go wrong with Council Tool products like axes and hatchets. Browse the selection on our page and choose your next axe today.

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