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Axe Sharpening Stones - Multi-Purpose

Axe Sharpening Tools

Whether you’re chopping wood or need a powerful cutting blade for your next trip into the great outdoors, a multi-purpose sharpening tool is a must-have. Keep your axe blades, machetes, and other cutting tools razor-sharp with a high-quality sharpening stone from Self Reliance Outfitters.

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What Is the Best Thing to Sharpen an Axe With?

Keeping your edged tools sharp will help you work efficiently. You can use a file on your axe, but filing takes time. A bench grinder will do the job, but you won’t get a precise finish — and these axe-sharpening tools won’t do you any good when you’re in the wilderness.

An axe-sharpening stone is the best tool for maintaining your blades’ sharpness on the go. You can sharpen axes, machetes, hatchets, and garden tools with a good-quality dual-grit sharpening stone.

How to Sharpen a Blade with an Axe sharpening stone?

Before getting started, clean your axe head and put a couple of drops of honing oil on the rough side of your axe sharpener. Then, sharpen the first side of the blade with the coarse side of the stone using a circular motion and maintaining a consistent angle.

Next, sharpen the other side with the coarse part of the stone. Again, make circular passes and keep the angle steady. Then, do the same thing with the fine side of the stone to refine the edge.

How Often Should You Use Your Axe Sharpener?

You should sharpen your axe regularly — so you’re not struggling to chop wood with a dull blade.

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A good rule of thumb is to sharpen after a few hours of work. If you keep your tools sharp, you won’t need more than a minor touch-up with your axe sharpener to get good results.

Shop Your Axe Sharpening Stone from Self Reliance Outfitters

Browse reliable axe sharpening tools from Self Reliance Outfitters. Co-founded and run by Dave Canterbury, we’re leaders in the outdoors and bushcraft community, dedicated to  providing reliable, long-lasting wilderness and survival tools. As the creator of one of the top-ranked survival school in the US, Self Reliance Oufitters is committed to providing bulletproof gear for the outdoor community. Shop the best preferred axe sharpening supplies today!

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