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New Spring Survival Gear

Posted by Self Reliance Outfitters on June 20, 2014  

With spring having arrived and the weather being suitable for spending time outdoors, now is the perfect opportunity to try out some new survival gear.

Although survival gear is most often thought of as items on a list, which are only needed in the event of an emergency, it is important to be familiar with your survival gear before an emergency arises.

Becoming proficient with your survival gear will provide you a higher percentage of survival in the event a self-reliance situation should occur.

Survival gear encompasses a broad spectrum of products, and while we will mention a few of our favorites, there is no end to what survival gear you can test and put to use this time of year.

New Survival Gear

Self Reliance Outfitters is constantly developing new and improved survival gear. Since we believe your life depends on the gear you choose, we are always working to provide only the best. Here is a sample what products you may want to check out and put to use this spring.

1. Pathfinder Wilderness Rations

Packaged in convenient one-serving packs, the Pathfinder Wilderness Rations provide a quick, easy, and energy-packed meal when you need it most. Each serving is pre-measured and only requires adding the necessary amount of water.

Include the Pathfinder Wilderness Rations in your survival kit and always be assured of a hearty meal. Easy to cook and carry, the Pathfinder Wilderness Rations should make the list when considering your next purchase of survival gear.

2. Suunto MCA-D IN Compass

Suunto has become a trusted brand for those who spend a considerable amount of time in the outdoors. Crafted with advanced designs to ensure reliable navigation, the Suunto MCA-D IN Compass is, without question, one of the best compasses on the market today. If it’s not already on your list or in your survival kit, this is a ‘must’ for those seeking dependable survival gear.

The Suunto MCA-D IN Compass is the perfect addition to your list of survival gear based upon its fixed declination correction scale, jewel bearing, sighting notch, mirror and inch scale.

Many navigational devices today are dependent upon batteries and technology. The Suunto MCA-D IN is only dependent on earth’s timeless gravitational pull.

3. TrailMaster Reel Travel Kit – Spin/Fly

Spring is the perfect time to wet a line and especially with the TrailMaster Reel Travel Kit. Whether you prefer to cast a spinner reel or drift a fly, the TrailMaster Reel Travel Kit allows you to do both.

The TrailMaster spinning reel offers a lightweight graphite body, smooth drag, and 6–ball bearing design. The TrailMaster fly reel provides an aluminum body, drag, and either a right or left hand retrieve. This convenient package comes ready to use with a travel case and fly boxes.

Although you may not consider fishing reels to be part of your survival gear, you should. Fishing provides a means to a good meal while offering fun for the whole family.

4. 60” Red Stag Takedown Recurve Bow

The Samick 60” Red Stag Takedown Recurve Bow is an affordable and necessary addition to any survival gear list. For millenniums man has used the bow and arrow for personal defense and to secure his food. The bow can be used on both small and big game animals, along with providing a discrete means of self-defense.

The Samick 60” Red Stag Takedown recurve is crafted from hard maple, walnut, and white ash — making it both dependable and accurate. This bow also offers an ergonomic slim grip, crowned arrow shelf, and reinforced limbs compatible with Fast Flight or other high-performance bowstring.

The Samick 60” Red Stag Takedown is 60” in length, 55# draw weight, and is suitable for the beginner or intermediate archer.

Use It, Know It

Familiarity is the survivalist’s friend. While some would like to think survival gear is what you buy and show off to your friends, Self Reliance Outfitters sees survival gear as what saves your life. We believe in the need to use and become proficient at whatever gear you choose.

If you have any questions regarding survival gear or any products, please feel free to contact us and we will do out best to help in any way we can. This is about your life.

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