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HELLO! Im finally here~

Posted by Self Reliance Outfitters on April 27, 2015  

This will be my place of all “pathfinder goodness!”

Here is where I will share all the cool new products that I get my dirty hands on and let you know how they fair for me in the field!

I will keep this post short and sweet~

This month~

Michigan TURKEY hunt! ….which will include the Samic Red Stag longbow, No Mercy cut on impact broad-heads

Results and testing pics for a future BOW FISHI ADVENTURE, that will be using the new solid fiberglass fishing arrow, as well as the PF 3 piece take down bow-fishing arrow using the Sling Bow and its fishing reel!

Short Lane Arms 12ga-45lc rifled adapter AND 12ga-22lr adapter in a recently purchased rifled and RIFLE SIGHTED barrel. This will confirm my accuracy assessments.

Updates will be in picture form here, but FULL HD VIDEOS of these and many more reviews will be available on Pathfinder Tv.

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