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Ferro Rods and 8 Other Pieces of Essential Survival Gear

Posted by Jamie Canterbury on September 03, 2018   •   Ferro Rod, Paracord, Shemagh, survival gear, water purification

Ferro Rods and 8 Other Pieces of Essential Survival Gear

Gearing Up with the Basics

What are the most important pieces of equipment in any survival kit? A lighter? A ferro rod? A magnifying glass? This is a topic that will make for great conversation because it is very controversial. Everyone's list is different because no two survivalists are the same and prefer the same tools.

In case you are curious as to what we have in our bags, we have compiled a list of 9 items that we would prefer to have on hand in a survival situation. 


  • Ferro Rod

  • Of all the items on this list, there are none as reliable and durable as the Ferro rod. A good thick Ferro rod with a sturdy handle is going to give you fire time and time again. It will be a piece of equipment that you will call on for years to come. While it is still important to carry matches and some lighters, just know that long after they are out of fuel and burned away that Ferro rod will be by your side.

    If you are efficient with that Ferro rod, and your firecrafting, you can extend the life of a Ferro rod for many years. Make them part of your survival kit.


  • Water Purification Tabs

  • Water is everything in a survival scenario. If you are finding your way out of the woods because you are lost or finding your way out of a collapsing urban environment, you will need clean water. Do not test the 3-day rule with water. You cannot will yourself to go on when your internal organs are drying out. It just won’t happen.

    When you have access to purification tabs you can perform a simple filter of the water and then add the tabs to make it safe. Be sure you know how to use them and what the ratios are. Too much water and it won't be safe.


  • The Bushcraft Knife

  • Depending on your situation the bushcraft knife could be everything. If you know your stuff you can do practically everything with that single knife. You can make shelter, create fire and make a water filter. The quality of your bushcraft knife is terribly important. A full tang, high carbon steel knife with a thick spine and sharp drop point blade is a wonderful place to start.


  • First Aid

  • Your first aid kit should be a mixture of basics and items that are uniquely you. Invest in a kit with high-quality bandages or else they will all be worthless. Beyond the rolled gauze and the items, most good kits have been sure to include things like suntan lotion and bug spray. They are not necessarily first aid but these items will keep you happy and healthy.

    A quality kit can be bought or built don’t forget both options.  


  • Shemagh

  • Until you really understand the shemagh and all it can do you might think this is just one of those survival things to put on a checklist. You know, it's probably not a bad idea to have a few of these. You can turn a shemagh into a number of helpful things. If you are battling bugs you can really cover the face and neck with one.

    The shemagh can double as a simple backpack as well if you know how to create it (not hard).

    • Filtering Water
    • Gathering
    • Keeping Warm
    • Making Charcloth
    • Protecting your Identity
    • Simple Sling

    These are all options when you know how to use a shemagh.


  • Bivy

  • If all else fails, there is one thing you can turn to in a pinch. The Bivy sack. Let's say you cannot get the fire lit, you cannot find a place to shelter nor build a shelter and you are expecting wintry weather. Well, A bivy sack might mean the difference between life and death.

    The bivy is the parachute of the survivalist. When you have a tough time and all else fails to pull the chord on a quality bivy sack and you will make it through the night.


  • Tarp

  • A quality tarp will add another important layer to your ability to shelter up quickly. With a tarp, you can effectively create a shelter in a matter of minutes using a couple stakes and some cordage. If you build yourself a nice bed underneath or pack a light sleeping bag, you will be good for a night out in the woods. That is an amazing thing when you think about it.


  • Steel Bottle

  • The ability to boil water is crucial in a survival situation. This can be done many ways, but I feel like the most effective is carrying a steel bottle. The bottle can be used for many things, but the very best use is boiling water and drinking from it. Whether you know it or not you can also create charcloth in a steel bottle.

    Boiling water is not just about sanitization it can also be about things like tea and coffee. There is nothing like starting a chilly morning in the wilderness with a cup of coffee.


  • Paracord or Bankline

  • Cordage is the forgotten hero in the survival game. It is one of those things that hardly gets the consideration or the love that it deserves. It holds up our tarps, it secures our ridge poles, it hangs our food safely out of bears reach, it can do almost anything. Still, we often overlook it or spend very little time on it.

    Quality cordage can make all the difference in survival. Don’t skimp on this one.



    Is a ferro rod in your survival bag? What about a tarp? How close were we to what you include in your go-to pack? Tell us in the comments below! We are always interested in new techniques and skills in the realm of survival.

    • Hello not a bushcrafter or survivalist just a camper but my understanding is this kit is for a temporary situation not a lifestyle and hopefully aimed at everyone so I’m in the lighter camp everyone understands it including people you may be stuck with that may never even heard of a ferro rod or how to use one and a tarp can act as a bivy

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